Skydio dock day to announce new Dock capabilities | 7th Dec

Skydio is one of the biggest drone companies that is leaving no stones unturned to offer innovative drones to this world. Moreover, we can now picture this world where drones are everywhere whether its worksite, mapping, surveying, defense missions or any other entertainment work purposes. In today’s time, we are at the edge of technology where we can not imagine a place where drones can not reach. Additionally, the advancement has reached to the next level with drones reaching the aerial world and other places where in earlier years we could never have imagined. Furthermore, Skydio drones are safer to operate, easier to scale, and have higher quality data. Also, Skydio drones are making a difference for public safety and also improves emergency response.

So, if you are a skydio fan, it’s good news for you as Skydio announces the Skydio Dock Day on 7th of December 2022. In this event, you will get to know about the new dock capabilities and other remote ops.

Skydio is working endlessly to bring the vision of drones in every corner into reality creating a safer and efficient environment. Moreover, the company is known to build smart drones that recently received an FAA waiver for operations like Beyond visual line of sight. And, now the company is debuting the Skydio Dock Day for drone dock solutions for the users.

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What is Skydio Dock Day?

Skydio is arranging the event to explain how Skydio dock has autonomous drone capabilities for remote operations. Moreover, this event will start at 12PM CST on the 7th December. In addition, this event has a vision to explain to its users that Skydio Dock has the capability to hold autonomous drone operation virtually at any place for continuous and complete visibility of assets and worksites. Thus, users can monitor multiple sites at one time and standardize repetitive inspection. Earlier in 2019, the company announced plans to bring its first dock, a charging station along with a general homebase. And now finally, the company is going to unveil its first dock on Skydio Dock Day.

Talking about Skydio Dock, the company is bringing light weight, weather proof, small, and portable charging stations. Moreover, it is easy to set up and has features competing with heavy duty docking stations. Additionally, the company will also bring a Remote Ops platform that will allow pilots to fly remotely on various locations.

What does Skydio Dock Day hold?

Skydio plans to share details of its upcoming dock on the Skydio Dock Day event helding on December 7. Moreover, the company will also share AI- related challenges for Skydio remotely operating drones. Here is the complete schedule of the upcoming Skydio Dock Day

  1. Skydio’s CEO Adam Bry will share his update on the vision and progress of the company reaching this point.
  2. Users will get a demo and first look of the Skydio Dock and Remote Ops.
  3. Will get a chance to hear customers feedback of using Dock for the first time including real use cases from the field.
  4. Will get to hear from regulatory leaders of Skydio on how flying drones are made from dock possible today along with maintaining compliance with FAA rules.
  5. Get a chance to join in the live Q & A session with Skydio’s CEO Adam, and leaders.
  6. And many more

Why join the Skydio Dock Day event?

Skydio Dock Day event is not just an ordinary event, but it gives a chance to have one-on-one interaction regarding the upcoming Dock. Moreover, this event is to make users understand the perspective of the company on how they solve their latest challenges in AI and update themselves.

The following reasons will make you understand easily why you should attend this dock day event:-

  1. You will learn the latest in remote and drone operations once you join this event.
  2. You will get to learn from industry leading leaders how they bring these new advanced solutions for such challenges.
  3. You will get to join Ask Adam Bry and other people leaders to ask questions and know their perspective.
  4. You will get to connect and interact with other Skydio users to achieve operational challenges with ease.

Skydio 2 Dock and Remote operation

Skydio launches the standard Skydio 2 Dock that brings beyond drone in box. Moreover, the dock provides a persistent drone presence ideal for worksites that is used for regular mapping missions or inspections. In addition, the company plans the Dock to be a key part of upcoming drones into different workflows. Also, the report suggests that the DroneDeploy will be the first to use Skydio’s SDK version for mapping missions through the new base station.

This will include a WiFi and Ethernet connected computer to transfer data after each flight. Furthermore, these drones identify problems easily without arduous and dangerous inspections. And, also they are tracked automatically, so issues get resolved before costs add up. The Skydio 2 Dock aims to deploy first responders and build skills that support structure inspection and other tasks Thus, in this Skydio Dock Day event, users will get to see an entirely new remotely operated drone dock system. Also, to join the dock day event you need to register in advance by clicking on this link

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