Top 5 Sessions for agricultural Drones at DJI AirWorks 2022

After almost two years, DJI AirWorks, a commercial drone conference, and exhibition, will happen in Las Vegas. The last AirWorks took place in Los Angeles in 2019. This event will create opportunities and open networks to expand the drone industry. This time the focused industrial tracks are AEC & SURVEYING, energy, agriculture, infrastructure, public safety, and Drone innovations.

Three main features of this event are

  • World-class exhibition with attractive prizes 
  • A More Comprehensive Look at the UAV Sector 
  • Outdoor demonstrations and workshops 

From 10 to 12th Oct this event will take place at the prestigious Mirage Hotel. After lockdown, this is the first time where industry experts, entrepreneurs, stack holders, and General people will interact with each other at DJI AirWorks. From Different parts of the world, agricultural experts will pitch their expertise and views at this event. We will discuss the top 5 sessions related to drones and their application in agriculture from these sessions.

Drones are spreading their wings in every sector. Day by day, the use of drones in the agriculture sector is booming. According to specific reports, the market for agricultural drones is predicted to increase from a $1.2 billion (USD) sector in 2019 to a $4.8 billion industry in 2024.

Some of the most popular applications of drones in agricultural sectors are

  • Plant health monitoring/scouting 
  • Field condition monitoring 
  • Seeding and Planting 
  • Spray Application 
  • Drone Pollination 

Top Agri-Drone Session at DJI AirWorks 2022

1. Next Revolution in Agriculture Via Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Date: 11 oct

Time: 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM PDT

Session Location: Main stage

Speaker: Simcha Shore, CEO & founder Agro-Scout

Trim Details: Agro-Scout is an Agri-Tech startup based in Israel that helps farmers monitor crop development efficiently and intelligently. In this venue, you will learn more about how AI and drone imagery are helping in different data-driven decisions like

  • Crop diagnostic for pests and diseases 
  • Identification of undersupply with plant Stand count 
  • Leaf index calculation for Canopy coverage 
  • Improving crop health with Orthophoto 

2. Spraying Drones: Efficacy Advances of Phytosanitary Products and Biostimulants in Fruit Trees and Crops

Date: 11 Oct

Time: 3:15 PM – 4:00 PM PDT

Session location: Breakout Room C

Speaker: Martin Merino General Manager Summit Agro Chile

Trim Details: The AgriTech line from Summit-Agro was developed to offer its customers a range of technological solutions through cutting-edge services and equipment that can boost production and have a less environmental impact. In this discussion of DJI AirWorks, you can understand the effects of phytosanitary and biostimulants spreading using DJI drones.

3. – Using DJI Drones to Provide Services to French Farmers

Date: 11 Oct

Time: 4:30 PM – 5:15 PM PDT

Session location: Breakout Room B

Speaker: Timothee Craig Sales Manager

Trim Details: Exo.Expert is a French startup that provides different supports to cooperatives/ a chamber of agriculture/farmers. Their services are

  • weed detection 
  • soiling rate calculation
  • The creation of multi-spectral maps 
  • Creation of fertilization modulation maps 

In this event, we will learn about different services provided by Exo.Expert, along with how it can be helpful for modern-day farming.

4. Drones & AI in Precision Agriculture

Date: 12 Oct

Time: 11:45 AM – 12:30 PM PDT

Session location: Breakout Room D

Speaker: Milan Dobrota CEO AGREMO

Trim Details: They will go into further detail during the presentation on a cloud-based platform for automated analysis of drone imagery that enhances agricultural processes and is compatible with surveying and spraying drones. The exhibition will emphasize the value of accurate plant counts, stress zones, and strategies for utilizing drones in Precision Agriculture.

Through the most accurate AI analysis possible of every square meter of the field, regardless of size, they will introduce the optimization of drone spraying maps and variable prescription rates. In addition to spraying and Precision Agriculture, the session will focus on the most recent applications of AI intelligence and drones in seed and pesticide R&D field trials.

5. Enabling More Production with Less Through Drone Application

Date: 12 Oct

Time: 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM PDT

Session location: Breakout Room D

Speaker: Joe Riley, COO & President Rantizo

Trim Details: A group of professionals with experience in sales, business development, technology, and agriculture has been assembled by Rantizo. They collaborate to create cutting-edge solutions in automation, precision agriculture, and drone spraying so that farmers can use them to advance their own businesses. Here we will learn

Safe drone use
  • Basic training and information for pilots 
  • flight inspections and paperwork 
  • assisting clients in the field 
Application of drones legally
  • Differences in technology and regulatory environment 
  • Prioritizing exclusions and waivers according to agricultural needs 
  • Pilot evaluations and specifications Federal and state laws 
Using drones productively
  • DJI’s use and technological advancement 
  • Use case studies and examples 

Several other topics will be covered by different sectors expert in this AirWorks. So, book the tickets and grab the opportunity. In-person participation is an excellent chance for new drone entrepreneurs to create a good business network.

The More Details of this DJI AirWorks are here.

What are your thoughts on the others sessions at DJI AirWorks 2022? Comment down below.

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