How does Teal drone step towards the swarm drone system using 4-ship?

Teal drones successfully tested and announced its new drone swarm system, which is Teal’s 4-ship. It is a part of swarm robotics that will create its impact in the sky. How does this technology work, and how to control it? Is it the best drone system for military action? Which individual drone is used to create this swarm drone system?

We will discuss and clarify all of our doubts within this article

Table of Contents

  • What is a swarm drone system?
  • Which individual drones are used in this system?
  • Specifications of this Teal’s 4-ship
  • Is it only for entertainment purposes?
  • conclusion

So, without wasting further time, let’s dig into the details.

What is a swarm drone system?

A Swarm drone system is a managed and organized system where we can simultaneously fly more than one drone at a time to do some collective work. Here every drone does some minor job to achieve some big goal.

We must have heard about drone light shows where many drones are used to create some structure in the sky for entertainment and advertisement purposes. Those kinds of drones are a straightforward example of this swarm system. These technologies are spreading it’s winging nowadays rapidly to provide better service in different sectors.

Which individual drones are used in this system?

The 4-ship system is developed by the Teal drones, which is a part of Red Cat holdings. In this swarm drone system, they have used their golden eagle drone, one of the best drones made in the USA. The U.S Army widely uses this golden eagle. But this 4-ship system will provide an extra advantage to the army for better threat detection and monitoring.

Specifications of this Teal’s 4 ship

As the name suggests, this system uses four golden eagle drones. Another version of this system is 4 ship+, which allows up to 6 golden eagle drones.

These four individual drones can be controlled by one remote and a single person, making this system more effective and efficient in this segment.

To control this swarm drone system, autonodyne provides the necessary tools and software. Autonodyne is a software company that is widely popular for making vehicles autonomous using the software.
During the flight of these drones, the pilot can access the individual video feed from each camera to perform numerous actions through a single remote.

4-ship+ contains

  • Additional two golden eagle drones
  • An additional linked controller

This + model will help the existing system to last for a long time in the air by exchanging their duties when their batteries are critically low. These additional two drones will allow pilots to replace the existing drone during any operation due to power or failure issues.

It is the 1st swarm drone system commercially available for ordinary people.

Is it only for entertainment purposes?

No, it is not only for entertainment purposes. This swarm drone system has a wide range of applications except for entertainment, said the CEO of Teal drones. U.S army and govt Agencies will be the 1st customer of this 4-ship system.


The market for 4-ship is enormous, not only in the military sector but also in different private organizations like the power grid, geological survey agencies etc. As golden eagle is the base of this 4-ship and 4-ship+ model, the demand for this drone will increase, and teal drones need to produce a more significant number of this kind of drone to full fill the market.

Teal drone’s successful testing video is here.

Learn more at

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