How to fix all DJI drones that have the “No GPS Signal” problem

“No GPS signal” is ubiquitous for new DJI users who fly their drones indoors. In some DJI drones, the GPS module is not intelligent enough to catch a low GPS signal, even under a thin shade sheet. Some common DJI models are the DJI mini 2, DJI mini, DJI air 2s, and DJI air etc

DJI mini

To eliminate this error in DJI drones, you can follow these steps in detail:

Ensure the drone has a clear view of the sky:

Make sure it is not surrounded by buildings, trees, or other tall objects that could obstruct its view of the sky. This will allow the drone to receive a strong GPS signal.

Restart the drone:

Turn off the drone and restart it. This can help resolve temporary glitches or software issues causing the error.

Calibrate the compass:

In some cases, the “No GPS signal” error can be caused by an incorrect compass calibration. DJI drones require the compass to be calibrated regularly, especially after being transported to a new location. Follow the instructions in your drone’s manual or DJI’s website to calibrate the compass.

Please wait for the GPS signal to be established:

Sometimes, it takes a few minutes for the GPS signal to be found after you start up your drone. Be patient and wait for the GPS signal to be shown before attempting to fly your drone.

Update the firmware:

DJI mini 2 “No GPS Signal” Error

Make sure that your drone’s firmware is up-to-date. DJI often releases firmware updates that can resolve issues like the “No GPS signal” error. You can update the firmware through the DJI Assistant 2 software.

Check your DJI Go App:

If you are using a DJI Go/DJI Fly App, make sure it is up-to-date. An outdated app can sometimes cause compatibility issues that can lead to the this error.

If these steps don’t resolve the issue, it could be a hardware problem, and you should contact DJI support for further assistance.

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