Top 5 anti-drone system of 2022

What is the anti-drone system? How do they work? Are they self-sufficient to protect anyone’s privacy and security? In this Article, we will try to clarify our knowledge about anti-drone defense systems.

Table of Contents:

  • What is an anti-drone system
  • Why do we need an anti-drone system
  • Types of Drone Monitoring Technology
  • Different anti-drone technology

What is the anti-drone system?

The Drone is a superset of the unmanned flying object. These drone terms are subdivided into several terms like UAV, UAS, etc. Anti-drone systems monitor these objects in the air and disable their capabilities based on the operator’s decision.

Why do we need an anti-drone system?

The sky is a battleground of the future. With modern technology, drones are more capable than we can think. It can hamper our privacy and security if used in an unethical way. To restrict these threats, we need something to ensure our safety and security, and here the anti-drone system comes.

Types of Drone monitoring systems:

Due to the technological advancement in the electronics industries, drones are getting smaller with high capabilities. So the detection and identification of flying drones are more challenging nowadays. As per our current situation, some drone monitoring and detection technologies are as below

  • RF (Radio Frequency signal analyzer)
  • Directional Microphones
  • Camera (Advance optical sensors)

Drone monitoring is necessary before using any anti-drone system because if we use it on random things in the sky, it can create a big disaster.

Different Anti-drone systems:

To maintain the balance like Feng Shui, with the advancement of drone technology, day by day, anti-drone technology is also growing exponentially.

Anti-drone system is divided into three parts based on their defense mechanism

  • Physical damage
  • Neutralizing
  • Taking control (Zombie technique)

So let’s dig into the defense technique.

RF (Radio frequency) Jammer:

Radio Frequency Jammer

RF jamming is the concept used to disrupt the RF communication between Drone and the Controller. This kind of jammer is lightweight with a small form factor. It emits a high-energy signal towards the Drone using a high efficient directional antenna. Due to the signal mixing properties of the jammer, Drones lose their communication with the Controller, and It may behave like the below scenario.

  1. If the Drone has RTH (Return to home) facility, it will return to the home location after losing communication.
  2. Drone may land
  3. The drone may fall uncontrolled way.
  4. The drone may randomly hover in different directions.

But This kind of technology is less effective in terms of the destruction of autonomous Drone. Because autonomous Drone can escape due to their autonomous property.
It also has some serious drawbacks

  • It can be more dangerous if it falls uncontrolled way on the ground with explosive
  • It can Fall on a residential area after randomly hovering in different directions

GPS spoofing as an anti-drone system:

GPS spoofing is a technique that overrides a GPS-enabled device’s original location. Some RF transmitters do it. It is different from RF jamming because it is not jamming the communication. Instead, it overrides the location data using a fake GPS signal. Still, it is not the best solution to destroy the drone operation.

Some possible scenarios after using this technology

  • The drone may hover randomly
  • Drone pilots may be lost control over Drone

But for the autonomous robot, we can use this to control the Drone because most autonomous robot uses GPS signal for pathfinding.

EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) or TED (transient electromagnetic disturbance) burst

This is the best way to destroy the Drone’s internal electronics components but not the best technology as an anti-drone system. This kind of technology uses high-power electromagnetic energy towards Drone. It creates a high current inside the electronic circuit and destroys the drone circuitry.

It also has some severe drawbacks, same as the RF jammer technique

HEL (High Energy LASER)

High energy LASER is used to damage the physical structure of the Drone and destroy the camera and other sensors that are sensitive to light. It also has a similar drawback to previous technology.

Nets and Guns

Some lightweight nets are used to throw by GUN toward the Drone to bring it back to the ground. But its operation is limited. We can use this technique if the Drone is flying within the range of the gun.

These are the top 5 technology for an anti-drone system. As per our above discussion, any single technology is not enough to disable drone operation with proper safety. What will happen if we merge 2-3 technology into a single system? Will it make the best anti-drone system?

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