DJI FlightHub 2 ultimate drone management software; All-in-one cloud platform

Drones are becoming such an integral part of the world that whenever we look up at the sky we may address one such drone. Moreover, DJI has made major contributions for creating the best technological innovation for the world. In addition, the introduction of drones is changing the way users are interacting with the world. Few years back, it was impossible to imagine that drones could take over the world in such an impeccable way. The technology is advancing in such speed that those days are no longer when flying cars will be at doorstep. Furthermore, these drones are not only limited for recreational purposes, but are used in many applications allowing them to perform difficult and expensive tasks. It includes rescue missions, fire sights, defence, healthcare, mapping, surveying, and others. However, DJI is working tirelessly to bring the advanced technology one after another. And now, in the recent advancements, the company launches an all-in-one cloud management platform under the moniker DJI FlightHub 2 which is the best for performing drone Operations.

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Moreover, DJI introduces new complete collaborative cloud based flight management software DJi flightHub 2. This software combines data storage and fleet management with appropriate tools supporting operations in real time. In addition, this software includes a set of tools helping to plan missions, stream data and execution, all in one convenient location.

Which devices are supported by DJI FlightHub 2?

DJI introduces DJI FlightHub 2 at the moment supports the DJI M30 series, Mavic 3 Enterprise series, and M300 RTK. Moreover, this also supports Zenmuse H20, H20T and H20N payloads. Additionally, the DJI FlightHub 2 is also compatible with the DJI Dock drone. Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of devices this flightHub allows to connect. And, the operating time of these devices will be visible at the right time.

Key features of DJI FlightHub 2

Photo Credit: DJI

DJI FlightHub 2 is software programme best for route planning, mission management, data storage and public safety. Moreover, the software has free public Beta extending up to June 30 in 2023. In addition, the platform will be available for purchase starting from May 31 in 2023.

Cross device compatibility

DJI FlightHub 2 allows cross device compatibility that means it is not limited only to the pilots with remote controllers. But, it will be accessible to everyone on the team who has a device with a web browser. Every team member who has login details could see and add updates to the mission on their own devices whether it’s tablet, cell phone, or laptop.

2.5D Base Map

This platform has a unique tool for emergency scenarios taking place in an environment with variation in elevation. Moreover, this tool overlays the elevation data giving a 3- dimensional sense of environment allowing safe fly over mountains and elevation area. Additionally, it displays GEO Zones.

One-tap panorama sync

DJI FlightHub 2 includes a one-tap panorama sync feature bringing great clarity at the onset of any public safety. Moreover, with this feature, users will get a 360° view of the mission site in one tap as the data capture takes only one minute providing rapid situational awareness of the area.

Cloud Mapping

DJI FlightHub 2 has game changing feature Cloud mapping that offers high resolution details of spatially and temporarily accurate orthomosaics for emergency response teams. Moreover, the users only have to drag a box across the area where there is a need to create a map, and FlightHub 2 will give the results. Additionally, 370 acres of visual mapping can be done in a single flight with the M30 series.

Live Annotations

DJI FlightHub 2 introduces a range of new tools to enhance real-time collaboration in the mission area. With this feature, users can drop pins or draw lines, boxes, and shapes to coordinate operations and designate the area. In addition, these love annotations are then overlaid on 2.5D Base Map and cloud map to enhance the synchronisation for operation.

Advanced Media and mission management

Other than rescue and search, the DJI FlightHub 2 has an effective mission planning function. Moreover, the software allows you to create all missions directly from a computer using a 2.5D Base Map. In addition, it enables the creation of task or flight routes along with saving it and sharing to other pilots managing aerial data. The software preview results for each mission point to ensure the flight route and quality of the data. Furthermore, this feature enables auto-sync of media to FlightHub 2.

DJI FlightHub 2 compatible with DJI Dock

DJI FlightHub 2 is deployed in conjunction with the DJI Dock which is the drone in box solution. Moreover, alongwith DJI Dock, the FlightHub 2 monitors the status of M30. It plans and schedules missions, and coordinates everything that is necessary for round-the-clock and automated operations. In addition, it also checks the status of DJI Dock remotely and performs on-demand debugging, removing the need for constant maintenance of the software. Furthermore, in coordination with DJI Dock, the FlightHub 2 automatically triggers alerts in the event of heavy rain, winds, and situations affecting flight missions.

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