8 Big problems with DJI AVATA: Myth or real

Many DJI avata owners are facing severe issues with this cinewhoop drone. If you are a beginner and want to enter into the FPV world using the new DJI avata, then read this article carefully. Here I will mention some of the problems several avata owners have faced already.   

Build Quality

The 1st problem with the costly cinewhoop drone is the build quality. It is made of plastic only, and it is very much fragile.   

Avata Weight

Next, one of the main problems with this drone is the weight. The weight of the DJI avata is around 410 grams which is very high compared to the same-size cinewhoop drone. One normal cinewhoop drone with a battery and naked GoPro weighs about 250 grams. Due to the weight of the avata at the same speed, the momentum will be higher than other drones. And if we crash with such a high momentum, then it will be a disaster with plastic build drones. It will indeed happen if you are a beginner.   

Another big problem with this high weight is that you must register your drone before flying it in some countries. So think twice before you invest your money.   

Height Limit 

The DJI avata height limit is 500m which may not be the best choice for someone who wants to fly above 500m.    


The DJI goggle 2 only supports DJI avata. Not only that, these goggles 2 have serious design issues. It is not well structured to fit on the face. Sometimes it squeezes the nose while flying.   

Lower Flight Time

In the ideal condition, it can fly for up to 18 mins, based on the official documentation. But in reality, with manual mode, it can fly only for 12 mins which is very low for an FPV drone. And it is also very much noisier than other FPV drones.   

Dangerous Hand Landing

The bad thing about this drone is if you want to fly or land from your palm, it will be risky due to its props location. And holding from the top to stop the drone is not a great idea for beginners.  

SD card/type c  Location  

DJI avata sd card slot
Photo Credit DJI

The Sd card slot of DJI avata is on the bottom of one of its propellors wells, which is the worst choice from DJI. And the loose connection of that sd card slot cover can destroy the drone anytime.   

It is made for flying indoors

This cinewhoop is made for indoor flying, and there are many cases where people lose their connection with the controllers when flying outdoors.   


Some problems with this DJI avata can be solved by using other firmware updates, but some can’t be solved virtually (using firmware updates). Until DJI releases its stable firmware to solve the major issues, it is better to hold the buying option of this DJI avata.  

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