The best drone mapping software: complete guide to choose best for your project

Are you looking for the best drone mapping software? Then you are at the right place. As this article explains which software will be the correct match for you as per your needs. Moreover, it’s no surprise for us that we are now able to do everything with help of advancements in technology. But, there was a time when people struggled to work efficiently without these latest technologies.

And now they are in amazement with the progress in technology. In addition, with the emergence of the technical world, drones are now hovering over the sky for every section of work. And every day new software is being added to drone technology to level up the use and functioning of these drones.

Moreover, now there is the best drone mapping software that is already deepening its roots in mapping and land surveying. In addition, skillful drone pilots are already using these best mapping software to work efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. However, when we look back, to take an aerial photogrammetric map of the land or any area, the only way was to fly on aircraft or get access to spy satellites.

But, all credit to advancements in technologies, that there are drones that are capable of getting quality maps on less budget. Furthermore, the software offers accurate data at a 90% quicker rate than the manual process. Also, this software processes the data in 3D models, digital elevation models, 2D maps, and many more.

The best drone mapping software : know which one is right for you

Moreover, in the race to provide the best, multiple companies are offering the best drone mapping software. But, keeping your needs in mind, this article will provide you with the best software that will provide the correct and better mapping data. We will get to know about all these softwares one by one including all its pros and cons. Thus, making it easy for you to choose the best one.


1. Drone Deploy: the best drone mapping software

Drone Deploy is the leading in the list of the best drone mapping software. The company offering this software is famous for its photogrammetric softwares alongwith analytics. In addition, it has plethora of services within different packages. However, it offers free versions of their app for sometime with different plans. It includes professional plans alongwith business, and enterprise.


  1. It is best for the construction, surveying and farming industries.
  2. Allows to generate maps in real time via unique Field scanner maps during flight
  3. Quickly access NDVI maps without internet connection.
  4. It offers orthomosaic building in real time, AI cloud processing and in app flight planning.
  5. Would support multiple types of drones i.e different brands and models.
  6. offers site comparison features giving high value to construction companies choosing the best site.
  7. Have the best customer support services including Drone Deploy support documentation and community forum.
  8. Also offers insights automation including counting trees on site and more.


  1. Most expensive among the other best drone mapping software
  2. price tags and package costings are not transparent.
  3. Not appropriate if you are enterpreneur and looking for budget friendly software.

2. Propeller

Propeller is one of the best drone mapping software that allows to collect, process and visualise the data.


  1. Best for industries such as construction, mining, landfill, and quarries.
  2. Offers best answers regarding site productivity, progress, safety and its work quality.
  3. Uses Phantom 4 RTK and Wingtra One advancements in its software.
  4. Provides orthomosaic, 3D model, DTM, plant health and many more.
  5. Cost effective i.e around only $250 you get top notch services.
  6. It includes earthwork progress, berm check, surface area, road grade, elevation difference, and many more.


  1. Requires Aeropoints feature that itself is very expensive
  2. Difficulty to find flight planning app for automatic flight execution.

3. Pix4D

Pix4D is among the top of the best drone mapping software till now in the market. Moreover, the software is also available on mobile app ensuring user compatibility. The software allows to use the data via own hardware or just upload the images on Pix4D cloud services.


  1. Primarily focuses on mapping, agriculture, construction, and 3D modelling.
  2. compatible with parrot drones alongwith DJI drones.
  3. Cost effective with free trial services.
  4. Allows customisation in your package and subscription that is necessary as per your needs.
  5. Shareable cloud system with impressive orthomosaics.
  6. Offers best LiDAR processing tools to visualise, process and export data.


  1. Relatively high price i.e about $ 58/ month to $315 per month.

4. WebODM

WebODM is one of the best drone mapping software giving free platform. However, you have to pay only for technical support and installation.


  1. Allows best orthomosaics, elevation models, and 3D models.
  2. Allows the drone imagery process into maps, measurements, and models at higher accuracy rate.


  1. User should have knowledge about GIS
  2. User should know coding for installation.
  3. Support services are not up to mark.
  4. Less user friendly.

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