After launching the new DJI drone in mini-series, the possibilities are endless. Different DJI mini 3 pro accessories and drones can lead to an uninterrupted experience during flying. Using these accessories, you can fly your drone for a long time without worrying about the battery charge, and not only that; you can fly it in any sunlight condition. But don’t fly the mini 3 pro in the rain because this drone is not waterproof.   

Today I will share details about the best DJI mini 3 pro accessories    

Intelligent Flight Battery with a Charging hub   

The most important thing for a drone is the battery. So, try to buy some extra batteries with an intelligent two-way charging hub. This hub can charge 3 batteries one by one. It will help you to increase the time of operations. If you buy the Fly more kit or fly more kit plus, you will get those two things within the bag. 

DJI mini 3 pro Fly more kit
Photo Credit DJI


ND filters   

Another essential thing to capture the beautiful moments you need is ND filters. These filters Increase performance and protect the camera lens from dust and other stuff. Without ND filters, the video or images will have reflections and glares. So, When buying ND filters, try to purchase all-day ND filters.   

ND filters
Photo Credit DJI

Car charger   

This car charger will help you to charge your drone batteries when they are out of charge. It will help you in an emergency.   

Extra Memory Card   

An extra memory card will also save you when running out of memory and you still need to shoot something essential. So replace the sd card and capture the moments.   

I hope this information will help you to choose THE BEST DJI MINI 3 PRO ACCESSORIES.   

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