How can DJI Virtual Flight eliminate your fear of flying avata?

Are you ready to crash your $1388 avata without spending any pennies from your pocket? Yes, now it is possible with the new DJI Virtual Flight App. This simulator could be ideal for beginner drone pilots for practice. But experts can also find some fun in this simulator.

Without further wasting time, let’s see how we can configure this with our newly acquired motion controller and goggles 2.

Table of Contents

  • What is the DJI Virtual Flight Simulator
  • Is it free?
  • Which Drones Support this Simulation?
  • How to Connect Our Goggles and Motion Controller
  • Some modes and settings
  • Conclusion

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What is the DJI Virtual Flight Simulator

It is an FPV flight simulator where anyone can learn how to fly an FPV. It is recommended for beginners to do proper practice before flying any actual FPV. The previous version of this app was only available for DJI FPV, but now it is also available for DJI Avata.

Is it free?

DJI Virtual Flight is a little bit different from the DJI flight simulator. DJI flight simulator is a professional pilot training software for PC, while Virtual Flight is a mobile app where we can only practice and enjoy FPV flying. Unlike flight simulators, DJI virtual flights are free of charge.

Which Drones Support this Simulation app?

After the success of the DJI FPV, DJI launched their new FPV drone, which is the DJI avata. As a result, we can only practice DJI FPV and DJI Avata for the time being.

FPV drone select menu
Photo Credit: DJI Virtual Flight App

How to Connect Our Goggles and Motion Controller

The DJI Avata comes with goggles two and one motion controller. So, we only need goggles two and a motion controller for the virtual simulation.

If you are an absolute beginner with no controllers and goggles, you can also practice flying on your smartphone only. There is a smartphone mode available where you can avail yourself of all the features of this app. You can control your virtual avata using onscreen joysticks in this mode.

Lets Connect with Motion controller

  • Disconnect your avata drone and make sure that it is off.
  • After that, turn on the goggles 2 with the proper power unit
  • Next, connect your smartphone to where the DJI virtual flight app is installed
  • Then turn on the motion controller. It will automatically connect to the whole setup
  • Now your basic setup is done to practice with your virtual avata.

Some modes and settings

After a successful connection with your equipment, it’s time to dig into the modes of this drone.
In the next step, remote control mode, you need to select. There are three modes, but mode 2 is widely popular, so by default, it will be in your settings, but you can change any of them later.

after selecting the controlling mode One small introduction and training window will provide a brief controller overview.

Control mode selection
Photo Credit: DJI

After completing the introduction training session, one screen will appear where you must select your drone type. You can choose anyone for your practice.

Virtual flight window
Photo Credit: DJI

Now you can start your virtual flight by clicking the virtual flight buttons. If you want to know more about the controller and control mechanism, there is a section called “academy.” There you can learn more about it.
Now your main page will appear with four virtual flight sites.

  • factory
  • Stadium
  • Parking
  • SkyCity
Flight mode in dji virtual flight
Photo Credit: DJI

Except for the Factory, all other sites have only two mode

  • Time trial (There is a timer that will count your task completion time)
  • Free Flight

But in Factory, there is an extra mode, arcade mode.

All modes have some sub-modes, which are mainly based on difficulty. But all modes will not be available at the initials. You can unlock those sub-modes by completing previous missions or tasks.

After choosing the proper modes and sub-modes, you are ready to fly now.

Dji avata virtual fly
Photo Credit: DJI

In conclusion, we can say, the graphics of this DJI virtual flight are not as good as the DJI FLIGHT simulator, but it can give proper practice for beginners.

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