How Skydio Keyframe is making life easier for drone pilots?

Cinematography is not at all the same today compared to those earlier days. The Skydio Keyframe is deepening its roots among other filmmaking devices such as GoPro. Moreover, the introduction of drones in filmmaking enables cinematographers to shoot mind-blowing scenes. In addition, Skydio offers great videos compared to the other drones as it uses advanced autonomic technology. This tech captures the view covering the drone all over with the camera. And, thus uses the autonomy engine technique to build the 3D model of the area through which the drone can navigate.

Moreover, Skydio itself was creating a revolution in drone technology. And then, the introduction of Skydio Keyframe caught the gaze of all filmmakers with its distinct features. However, the question arises: How does this Skydio Keyframe help the drone pilots with more straightforward navigation?

The answer lies behind its innovative feature development and its working process. Unlike other drone features, the Keyframe does not rely only on GPS. But, the quality is all about visual processing and machine learning technology. In addition, with this feature, drone pilots can fly the drones safely over and over again, taking beautiful shots. Furthermore, the drone pilots get options to add the Keyframe at several places enabling it to refly at the same route. Adjusting the drone’s speed is also possible, making the shot mind-bending.

Moreover, the Skydio Keyframe is a revolutionary feature for drone pilots. Because earlier, it was very challenging to fly the drone in the same place more than once, even for skillful and experienced pilots. But, now, with Keyframe, even the newcomers trying their filmmaking skills can show the magic. Furthermore, the Skydio Keyframe enables all the Skydio 2 and Skydio 2+ drone pilots to capture the shots cleanly and efficiently. The best results are just a few taps away with this fantastic feature. All you need to know is how to operate this new Keyframe feature, and then you will be among the best creative cinematographer.

Skydio Keyframe feature: making drone pilots’ life’s easier

The latest feature in Skydio that pulls every filmmaker and cinematographer’s attention is Skydio Keyframe. Moreover, the Keyframe is a simple feature creating a drastic difference in the world of filmmaking. This feature enables the drone pilot to shoot on a timeline that starts and ends with a smooth transition. In addition, the Keyframe via autonomy builds a smooth sliding path between two timelines making the shot captivating and unique. 

In earlier days, the drones were hard to fly over the same place in reverse and forward directions, increasing the chances of a crash. Additionally, these drones have only a GPS making them incompetent as it interferes with compass navigation. But, it’s no longer difficult with Keyframe, as it allows you to play the shot backward and forward multiple times with your choice of speed. And the result mesmerizes the pilot as the camera motion is smooth and accurate and matches the Hollywood cinematography quality. 

Moreover, the introduction of the Skydio Keyframe feature brings a new wave of filmmakers and video creators, says Adam Bry, Skydio CEO. In addition, the feature enables the creators to edit the Keyframe and get desirable results. However, it will not hinder the creativity and talent of drone pilots. But only augment the creativity with just a few taps.

How to use Skydio Keyframe

Skydio Keyframe feature is user-friendly for all sorts of drone pilots, whether skillful or newcomers. There are a few steps that the pilot needs to know for satisfying results. 

skydio keyframe using the app
Photo Credit: Skydio
  1. Select Keyframe from the skills menu and tap on Add to select the Keyframe starting point.
  2. Then fly from one point to another Keyframe point and add the keyframes accordingly.
  3. Once set all the keyframes, tap on Done and then play the video to preview the frames.
  4. There is a speed slider to adjust the speed even between the frames.
  5. To pause and add the keyframes, there is a pause button
  6. To reverse the direction of the transition, the feature has a reverse playback button.
  7. The feature also allows editing, deleting, or adding any Keyframes by touching the Keyframe point.
  8. And then, the drone will quickly fly in a straight line to the frames.
  9. For manual drone control, tap the red X on the screen, stopping the autonomous feature.

Thus, it’s now apparent that the introduction of Skydio Keyframe is very impactful for creators to bring creativity on screen.

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