How DJI M30T takes enterprise drone application to a whole new dimension

When we talk about drones, DJI surfaces at the top as it gives back-to-back unique and reliable products in the market. And now, the latest addition to the drone market from DJI is the DJI M30T drone. Moreover, the arrival of this DJI M30T creates hype in the market as it is one of the top best drones in the market at the moment. In addition, the unique features of this latest drone are taking the enterprise drone application to next level. DJI brings the best edition in its M30 series flagship making drone pilots crazy over this. Furthermore, the M30T is a powerful drone with unmatched visuals aided by high-quality thermal camera sensors and a superior performance level.

Moreover, DJI focuses to bring smarter tools with great Innovation enabling the work to be faster, safer, and better. In addition, the latest DJI M30T is a boon to drone pilots as it gives the best thermal results. This drone is revolutionary in the enterprise drone market as it is the first drone to be for low lights and nights. Furthermore, DJI is always popular among drone users as it understands what the market needs at the moment for enterprise solutions. The M30T gives a new dimension to enterprise drone applications as it is user-friendly yet innovative, portable, lightweight, and reliable system. Additionally, the device has tough built to survive in extreme environments and high altitudes.

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DJI M30T – Bringing new dimension in enterprise drone application

DJI introduces a new edition to the Matrice 30 series flagship under the moniker DJI M30T. This new arrival becomes popular in no time as it arrives with unique and revolutionary features. Moreover, the device arrives with a radiometric thermal camera and low light capacity camera. Thus, enables one to take multiple night shots and combine them to form one clear picture. In addition, this drone is ideal for rescue, search day and night, fire fighting, containment, and more. Furthermore, the device is revolutionary among others as it arrives with extended flight time and uses no matter of environmental circumstances. The device comes with an IP55 rating to protect it m adverse conditions. And, it can operate between temperatures ranging from -20° C to 50°C. Additionally,

Talking about its unique features, it has multiple key specifications and details we need to know about.

Design and Size-

DJI M30T is a compact and portable design that is easy to pack and transport. The drone includes a DJI RC Plus aircraft storage case and two TB30 intelligent flight batteries. Moreover, the drone weighs 3770 grams in weight. In addition, the device in the unfoldable position measures 470× 585× 215mm in dimension and the foldable position measures 365× 215× 195mm in dimension. Furthermore, the diagonal diameter of the drone is 668mm.


DJI M30T allows a maximum takeoff weight of 4000 grams. Moreover, the maximum ascent speed of the drone is 6 m/s and the maximum descent speed of the device is 5 m/s. In addition, the maximum flight time of the device is 41 minutes with a hovering time of 36 minutes. Furthermore, the drone has a maximum horizontal speed of 23 m/s with a maximum wind resistance of 15 m/s.

Camera sensors of DJI M30T –

DJI M30T arrives with a wide-angle camera, zoom camera, and thermal camera sensors to get high-quality pictures and videos. Moreover, the wide camera features 1/2- an inch CMOS sensor with a 12MP camera. The camera offers an 84° field of view with a 4.5mm focal length and f/2.8 aperture. In addition, the zoom camera features 1/2- an inch CMOS sensor with a 48MP camera. And, the lens will have a 21-75mm focal length with f/ 2.8 to f/4.2 aperture. Furthermore, the thermal camera will have an uncooked VOx microbolometer thermal imager. And have infrared temperature measurement accuracy along with a 64° field of view and a 9.1mm focal length. Furthermore, the drone will also have an FPV camera with 1920× 1080 resolution and a 30fps frame rate. The drone will have maximum laser power of 3.5mW with 905nm wavelength and 6ns single plus width.

Sensing System and transmission-

The DJI M30T arrives with six sensing systems with dual vision and ToF sensors on the aircraft for safety. In addition, for obstacle detection, the device has an ADS-B receiver. The drone has a forward vision range of 0.6- 38m and a wide range of 0.5- 33m. Moreover, the device has a 65° horizontal field of view and a 50° vertical field of view. Additionally, there is an infrared sensing system ranging from 0.1 to 10 m range with a 30° field of view. The device has auxiliary lights with 5m of effective illumination distance. Also, it has 60Hz of the solid glow illumination system. Furthermore, for transmission, the device uses 0cuSync3 enterprise with WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1. It also has a cellular module along with an optional 4G dongle for stable transmission.


DJI brings DJI M30T with four pairs of TB30 flight batteries along with one pair of RC Plus batteries. Moreover, the TB30 intelligent flight LiPo 6S battery has a capacity of 5880mAh with 685g by weight. In addition, the batteries have an operating temperature ranging from -20°C to 50°C and a storage temperature ranging from 20°C to 30°C. These batteries have self-heating features in cold, and hot swapping for quick turns and 400 charge cycles. Additionally, it takes approximately 30 minutes to charge from 20% to 90% and 50 minutes for a full charge.

Remote Controller –

DJI M30T features 7.02- a inch touch screen remote controller with 1200 cd/m² brightness and 1920× 1200 pixel resolution. Moreover, RC includes two batteries, out of which the internal battery has a capacity of 6500mAh. This battery has 65W charging support that takes 2 hours to charge and gives support up to 3 hours and 18 minutes. In addition, the external battery has a 4920mAh capacity that gives power for up to 6 hours.

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