DJI Mavic 3T, a new Mavic series launches today; know the key features

DJI the global drone manufacturer and aircraft company proves its excellence every time with the introduction of unique and mind-blowing drones. Now, it creates chaos in the drone market by introducing DJI Mavic 3T. Moreover, this latest drone is an addition to the supreme flagship of the Mavic series from the company. In addition, technology is immensely advancing in the coming days, as now the drones are future of the world. Whether it’s for cinematography, national security or industries, and many more, drones are in demand everywhere. In a recent development, there are numerous advancements in drones making them more competent and competitive in the race. As for now, lightweight drones are much in demand as it is quick in emergency response or portable for any inspection. Keeping the demands in mind, DJI introduces its latest additions which are Mavic 3E and Mavic 3T for the enterprise level. Furthermore, earlier the Magic series was considered best for filming and recreational purposes. But, now the company is turning the series in the zone of heavy industrial and security purposes.

Moreover, the DJI Mavic 3T or Mavic 3 thermal focuses on specific needs in inspection, search and rescue at firefighting and aerial operations. In addition, the other model Mavic 3E focuses on surveying and mapping missions. The latest drones equip with powerful sensors and cameras to ace every difficult situation. The company plans to deploy these drones in a wide section of work including rescue missions in forest fires or power line inspections and many more. Furthermore, the Mavic 3T steps into the market with loads of features and offerings making a revolution in the drone world.

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DJI Mavic 3T key features

DJI launches today its new DJI Mavic 3T as a valuable tool in maintaining public safety, rescue, and night operations in restricted areas. In addition, the Design and equipment are in such a way that the device offers high accuracy inspection and surveying. Moreover, the device arrives with a high-quality camera, better zoom features, and flies higher than ever before. Here are the key features of the latest Mavic 3T

Compatible design and size:

The new DJI Mavic 3T as a part of the Mavic series arrives is somewhat similar in design to other Mavic drones. That means, the device is lightweight, portable, and foldable. Moreover, the device weighs 920 grams. In addition, the device will have two arms. Out which, the foldable one measure 221 x 96.3 x 90.3 mm in dimension. Whereas, the unfoldable one measure 347.5 x 283 x 107.7 mm in dimension. Furthermore, the drone is 380.1 mm diagonally. The device has a built-in flashing beacon for safety with RTK Module.

High-end camera sensors:

DJI’s new DJI Mavic 3T equips high-end camera sensors along with great thermal sensors. Moreover, the efficient camera allows to get efficient data collection and results in better products. In addition, the device carries three camera sensors that include a wide camera, a tele camera, and thermal camera sensors. The wide camera comprises of 1/2- an inch CMOS sensor with 48MP. Additionally, the tele camera comprises a 1/2- an inch CMOS sensor with a 12MP camera. Talking about the thermal sensor, the device gets 640 x 512 resolution with 30Hz frequency. The device allows 56x hybrid zoom along with 14x thermal digital zoom. Furthermore, the camera allows 4k resolution videos.

Efficient performance and sensing system:

Drones when at the enterprise level are well known for their performance. Thus, this DJI Mavic 3T offers efficient performance and enhanced functioning yielding better results. Moreover, the drone offers a maximum flight time of 45 minutes with a maximum speed of 21 m/s and wind resistance of 12 m/s. In addition, the drone flies at the ascent speed of 8 m/s and descent speed of 6 m/s. Furthermore, talking about the sensing system, the device omnidirectional binocular sensing system along with an infrared sensor alerting the pilots from any obstacles.

Enhanced transmission and connectivity:

DJI Mavic 3T arrives with O3 enterprise transmission offering a maximum range of transmission of 8 Km. Moreover, there will be DJI RC Pro enterprise remote controller to control the drone with ease and comfort. In addition, this RC is a smart controller offering a 5.5-inch screen with 1000 nits brightness, and an inbuilt microphone for better communication and connection. Apart from this, this RC will have enhanced CPU and GPU performance. Furthermore, the device will have three GNSS support that includes BeiDou, GPS, and Galileo. The device has no internal storage options which may disappoint Mavic fans.

DJI Mavic 3T security features:

This new DJI Mavic 3T loads some unique security features enabling drone pilots to relax for a bit. Moreover, the drone has an omnidirectional object-sensing feature that senses the object and alerts the pilot. In addition, the device has APAS 5.0 which helps the drone to go past any objects on its way. Other than this, the device arrives with an advanced return-to-home feature enabling the drone to choose the best possible way to return to the starting point. Furthermore, the device has FlightHub 2 app that assists to get real-time awareness from certain situations, and team connectivity to manage operations.

Thus, this is all about DJI Mavic 3T or Mavic 3 thermal we know so far. The device is today’s launch and within an hour broke the internet with its distinct and unique features. Moreover, the new Mavic 3T is available for purchase at the price range of about $ 5, 780. However, the Magic 3T is just a start in stepping towards innovative development from the company in this lightweight, portable, multiple-sensor Mavic series.

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