DJI Mavic 3E / Mavic 3 enterprise out on the floors now; know the details and offerings

DJI whose latest development is DJI Mavic 3E is the leading company known for its latest advancements in the drone market. Moreover, the company is at the top that brings the best drones back to back. Earlier, the company brought the largest flagship of the Mavic 3 series. And now, the flagship includes the newly launched Mavic 3E i.e the Mavic 3 Enterprise. In addition, the company also launches yet another drone in this flagship under the moniker Mavic 3T i.e Mavic 3 thermal. However, the earlier drones in this flagship Mavic 3 or Mavic 3 Cine focuses basically on Cinematography and high-quality filmmaking. But, the latest Mavic 3E is specifically for surveying and inspection offering precise and accurate measuring results. Apart from this, the Mavic 3T focuses on thermal inspection along with search, rescue, and public safety. So, if you are only here for recreational purposes, then this new series might disappoint you. As the enterprise model is for the enterprise level where there is limited access and drones are needed for entry. Furthermore, this new model is all loaded with a variety of sensors and camera arrays.

Talking about the new entry in Mavic 3 series, the Mavic 3E is specifically for mapping and surveying purposes. In addition, the drones equip software that enhances obstacle detection and navigating system. The device has a portable design with customization in its specifications.

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What DJI Mavic 3E brings in for you

DJI a global drone manufacturer launches the latest edition in Mavic 3 series under the moniker DJI Mavic 3E. Moreover, the drone is an enterprise-level drone that will be extremely beneficial for construction, surveying, wildlife protection, public safety, and many more. In addition, the latest drone arrives with upgraded specifications and features making it above the rest. Furthermore, the drone is brought into the market to pursue commercial operations without the use of high UAVs. Talking about features, the device will have a 4/3-inch camera, time sync, mechanical shutter, and RTK capability. Here are the top features of the latest Mavic 3E.

High quality camera sensors:

The latest DJI Mavic 3E arrives with an efficient dual camera giving high results. Moreover, the device arrives with a wide camera comprising Hasselblad camera sensors and 4/3 CMOS. In addition, the wide camera has 20MP offering intelligent low light mode offering great results even in a low light environment. Furthermore, the tele camera comprises 1/2- inch CMOS sensors with 12 MP and a focal length of 162mm. Additionally, this drone supports 56x hybrid zoom with the mechanical and electronic shutter. This shutter allows a 0.7-second interval of shooting preventing blurring of motion.

Aircraft speed and Performance:

The latest DJI Mavic 3E is a foldable portable camera drone weighing 915 grams with h diagonal length of 380mm. Moreover, this mapping drone is a solution to a lightweight and compact aerial surveying tool. The latest Mavic 3E offers a maximum flight time of 45 minutes. This flight time enables to capture of large amounts of data in a bigger environment. In addition, the wind resistance of the device is 12 m/s making it more robust in every environment. Apart from this, the drones can fly in temperatures from -10°c to 40°c. However, there is no information about its IP rating yet. Furthermore, the device offers omnidirectional obstacle avoidance capacity. Other than this, the drone flies with an ascent speed of 6m/s and a descent speed of 6m/s.

Safety features:

The latest DJI Mavic 3E arrives with DJI’s most advanced tech providing pilots great flight safety. Moreover, the device has an omnidirectional binocular vision system alerting pilots from unaware hindrances. In addition, the device has unique two features that DJI introduces with this drone. It includes

  1. Return to home feature: The device automatically detects its route back to a home point in a short time.
  2. APAS 5.0: The device detects the object near them in all directions and bypasses them in a fraction of a second.

Remote controller support and connection:

The latest DJI Mavic 3E supports the DJI RC Pro enterprise controller. The RC has a big screen of 5.5-inch with 1000 nits high brightness. Moreover, the device supports the O3 Enterprise transmission system. Thus, it offers a strong connection over 8KM. In addition, the device has a new pilot 2 apps along with DJI Flight Hub 2. Other than this, the device supports four GNSS that includes GPS+ Galileo + GLONASS+ BeiDou.

Additional features of DJI Mavic 3E :

The DJI Mavic 3E has smart oblique capture that gimbals to take images at different angles. Thus, it hints that the drone covers two flights over the area capturing necessary oblique data. In addition, the device has time sync features that make the controller, camera, and RTK Module in the same alignment. Other than this, the device offers compatibility with loudspeakers. Furthermore, the detailed inspection of the Terra feature is yet to arrive in the latest Mavic 3E.

Moreover, this is all about the DJI Mavic 3E, the latest edition in the Mavic 3 series by DJI globals. The latest drone is available on the purchase itself on DJI or other retailers. In addition, the company sets the price of Mavic 3E at $38,10.

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