DJI Dock arriving with DJI Matrice 30 series; know the details

With the rise in drone technology, it is now easy for every industry to collect data irrespective of any area. Moreover, DJI the leading company in the drone market always amazes its users with the latest advancements proving themselves at every point. However, there was a lack of something in these advancements, which is now complete with the introduction of DJI Dock. In addition, the company brings DJI Docks with the latest Matrice 30 series. Thus, you may imagine what wonders this docking system will do to drone functioning. Talking the dock, it will now enable users to fly drones with great autonomy without supervision even in remote areas. Furthermore, the company introduces this docking system as a complete package to enterprise users enabling fully automatic surveillance, inspection, mapping, and many other missions. However, earlier DJI users were buying products from Airobotics, Hextronics, and other companies in need of docking systems.

Moreover, the latest DJI Dock arrives as an automatic landing and takeoff charging station executing mission programs. In addition, the company introduces this docking system with DJI M30 enterprise aircraft including new FlightHub 2 fleet software, RC Plus controller, and Zenmuse H20N hybrid sensor. Thus, this M30 drone will now be able to take flight, execute missions, and land in a charging station to recharge itself. Furthermore, the DJI dock is bringing chaos to the drone market as it is a reliable, tough docking system managing flights in adverse weather with safety.

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DJI Docks key features and specifications

DJI the top company in the drone market once again proves itself as best by introducing DJI Dock with its latest DJI M30. Moreover, this docking system is a complete in-house package from DJI that drone pilots were in much need of. In addition, the device is very easy to install and is easy to transport to any remote area. The dock allows DJI M30 to charge automatically after landing and then the drone is ready to refly in just 25 minutes. Furthermore, the dock works in variable temperatures with cloud management at your fingertips. The dock offers a wide range of coverage with complete cloud control. Thus, users have full freedom to set your missions, create flight paths, and manage the data with this latest DJI Dock. Here is the list of key specifications and features this docking offers.

DJI Dock Design and built

DJI Dock weighs 90kg in weight and has less than a 1 square meter footprint. Moreover, in open cover, the system measures 1,675 mm×895 mm×530 mm in dimension. And, in close cover, it measures 805mm×895mm×840 mm. In addition, the dock operates 24/7 in all temperatures ranging from -35°C to 50°C. The device withstands all the rain and heat elements as it has IP55 rating protection. Furthermore, the rock has surge protection of 40kA and the maintenance interval will be of 6 months. The docking system has its weather station that aware the drone about adverse weather conditions beforehand. Moreover, the dock is designed in such a way that even in sudden power loss, the drones will land safely with help of an emergency battery.

Easy to install and maintain

DJI Dock is easy to set up and maintain. As there are only need four bolts each from four corners along with internet, power, and Remote controller. In addition, configuring the remote controller takes only a few minutes. Moreover, the dock arrives with a DJI Dock health management system that hints if any problem in flight hub 2.

Efficient battery and charging

DJI Dock arrives with fast charging support and TEC air conditioning keeping drone batteries cool after landing. Moreover, the dock gives 5 hours of battery backup with a 12Ah battery capacity. In addition, the dock charges the DJI M30 in just 25 minutes allowing rapid flight turnover. The dock has two charging modes offering flexibility in long-term battery life. Talking about these modes first is an alert mode where the dock keeps the drone charge up to 80-90 percent. And, the other one is a standard mode where the dock keeps the drone at 50% during flight. Furthermore, the dock charging system takes 25 minutes to charge the battery from 10% to 90%.

DJI Dock Air flight

DJI Docks covers missions in a 7km operational radius with 40 minutes of flight time. Moreover, the dock allows a maximum landing wind speed of 12 m/s and has a maximum altitude of 4000m.

DJI Dock Camera and sensing system

DJI Dock arrives with an integrated security camera with auxiliary white light support. Moreover, the camera supports 1920×1080 resolution images and offers a 180° field of. In addition, the dock will have multiple sensors that include wind speed, rainfall sensor, ambient temperature sensor, water immersion sensor, and vibration sensor. Along with this, it has in-cabin temperature and humidity sensors. Furthermore, the device will have an integrated weather station and Omni directional Antenna.

FlightHub 2 operating system

DJI Dock arrives with FlightHub 2 which enables the operation of the mission and handles data. Moreover, the company also brings Cloud API along with DJI Dock making it easy for third-party developers. This system will offer the following functions:-

  1. Real-time awareness– It allows checking high-quality videos anytime on a DJI dock or drone.
  2. Mission planning– Allows the planning of complex missions in remote areas.
  3. Flight Plan management– Allows to edit and manage flight routes via the dock and keep track of it.
  4. Media management– Allows to review geo-tagged images and videos in drone and automatically upload on the cloud.

Edge computing and connectivity

DJI Dock arrives with edge computing expansion slots to improve operation efficiency by preprocessing files and data. Moreover, the dock allows its data connectivity expansion via an external 4G dongle.t

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