Drone shows have taken the event industry by storm. Although some questions have been raised about their safety, many shows have proved to be incredibly popular. For instance, a special show celebrating 30 years of Disneyland Paris was named Best Live Entertainment 2022 at the Park World Excellence Awards in London. It was also nominated for Best Product Innovation, making the organisers being termed as the best drone show organiser of their region.

Drone shows are progressively gaining popularity, and a select group of companies is devoting itself day and night to producing aerial light displays worthy of international acclaim. If you’re interested in light displays, why not check out the companies that seem to be dominating the industry with drone performances?


BotLab Dynamics

A 1,000-drone display was the grand finale of the Beating Retreat ceremony and the entire year-long Republic Day celebrations. Organised by BotLab Dynamics, an IIT Delhi Startup, the drones were positioned to represent the 75th year of India’s independence, the ‘Make-in-India’ lion, Mahatma Gandhi’s contributions, and a rotating globe and map of the country.

Currently, BotLab Dynamics is developing a swarm drone system that will fly thousands of drones simultaneously. When this system is complete, it will put India among the first two countries with such capabilities. In addition to its development of swarming and autonomous drones, the company has also submitted proposals for disposable drones that could be used by special forces in the event of a conflict.

SKYMAGIC – The World Leader in Drone Light Shows

Based in the United Kingdom and Singapore, SKYMAGIC is the world leader in drone light shows. Their team of award-winning creatives, technologists and storytellers has worked on some of the most innovative and daring projects in the world. Whether there’s a need to entertain a crowd or impress a business client, SKYMAGIC has the right technology to make pretty much every event a hit.

SKYMAGIC has developed drone shows since 2015 and produces over ten shows a year. These shows are fast becoming a popular genre of entertainment, ranging from fantasy to sci-fi. The preparation time for such shows varies from two to three months. However, when time is of the essence, Skymagic can turn around a show in a matter of weeks.

In the UK, SKYMAGIC has produced an aerial drone show that wowed audiences at a London New Year’s Eve extravaganza. On the oeher side in Dubai, the company produced three UAV choreographies for the Dubai Shopping Festival. Those shows were scheduled to run into January. The company is also in demand in the Middle East, and has an impressive list of clients and projects to keep them busy.


Dronisos is a company based in Bordeaux, France. They started out by focusing on performing light shows with drones and has become one of the top light show companies in the world. The company has since expanded its capabilities to the creation of drone swarms for security and defense. The company uses modified Parrot ANAFI UAVs for this purpose. It has successfully staged simulated attacks with up to 100 drones, as well as tested detection systems for asymmetric threats.

Its technology enables users to manage hundreds of light drones in one platform, turning the sky into the largest screen in the world. The company has already successfully deployed its technology in places like Bordeaux, Bangalore, Orlando, but is currently expanding its global reach. The IT has been developed in cooperation with the Delta Drone Group, a leader in civilian drones for professional use. The company offers drones, professional solutions, and related services to a number of targeted sectors, including entertainment and security.

Sky Elements Drone Shows

Sky Elements Drone Shows is based in Fort Worth, Texas, and produces hundreds of aerial light shows across the United States and around the world. The company has received several awards for their aerial shows. The company’s drone shows are aimed at showcasing brand authenticity and creating an engaging atmosphere for the audience.

Sky Elements Drone Shows are performed at sporting events, concerts, and other events. The company has already performed at the ballparks of other Major League teams, as well as at various events around the country. The drone shows are designed to be safe and entertaining, and have a professional crew and safety procedures. The drones themselves are equipped with radios and detailed dashboard displays to keep the crew and viewers safe. The pilots are FAA-certified and highly experienced in the area of aviation.

Shenzhen Damoda Intelligent Control Technology Company

DAMODA is one of the “Big Three” drone light show companies in China, offering shows for theme parks, celebrations, and aerial advertising. The company claims to have completed nearly 3,000 shows without bugs, and is working with Huawei and BYD on aerial advertising projects. Some of the legends have it that Shenzhen Damoda is considered the best drone show organiser, all thanks to their expertise and professionalism.

The company has also set a Guinness World Record for the most drones airborne at once. Their show featured 3,051 UAVs, breaking the previous record set by Intel Corporation in 2018. The drones used to create the show were positioned and aimed in such a way that the audience could view them in 360 degrees. During the show, the drones simulated Earth, the International Space Station, and Mars.

The company has eight offices worldwide and exports to more than 50 countries. Its products are used in various fields, and have been used by law enforcement agencies in Europe. It has more than 200 employees, and 50% of them have technical backgrounds. The company also has several international partners.


While most people are familiar with the term “drone,” the popularity of drone shows has yet to become a little mainstream. Though, with the passage of time, we owe a debt of gratitude to the pioneering companies all around the world that are opening up new markets for light drone displays. That being said, why not you also have a taste of spectacular light shows by contacting the best drone show organiser in your area?

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