Anafi ai: Nature inspired best 4G drone in the market

Parrot is among the top companies that offer robotic UAVs to society. Moreover, the company’s recent advancement Parrot Anafi Ai is creating chaos in the drone market as it is the first 4G robotic UAV from the company. In addition, the company claims that the device is inspired by nature as the inspiration is from the eyes of insects. Unlike basking sharks, the device offers 360° vision like the eye of insects without loading the sensors all over the body. The latest Anafi Ai drone is a powerful and all-rounder robotic drone that includes a wide range of missions. Furthermore, talking about its diversity, the device is for photogrammetry, inspection, industrial, surveying, and cinematography. This is all possible because of its global LTE 4G connectivity, independent flight modes, and 4k resolution camera.

Moreover, not only does it’s a wide range of missions, but Anafi Ai is also popular for its user-friendly interface. And offers powerful performance. In addition, no matter what the environmental conditions are, this drone is built to survive all extreme conditions. With Anafi, you may fly beyond the remote controller range with 4G connections. Furthermore, the device can capture high-end photos and videos with its 4K resolution camera. Along with this, the device has independent flight modes letting you have the right shot anywhere at any time.

Anafi Ai: the nature Inspired 4G drone

Parrot introduces its latest edition Anafi Ai with the vision of evolution in the animals and their senses. Moreover, the company follows the visual perception and conceptual functions of insects to design a drone that has to sense obstacle avoidance systems. In addition, the device follows the same design pattern of the sensors as that of insects in nature. Also, the company designs the data transmission system in drones similar to the optic nerve in insects. Furthermore, we may say that the design and the functioning are all inspired by nature. Thus it is the best nature Inspired drone on the market at the moment.

photo credit: Parrot

Anafi Ai specifications and features

1 Design :-

The device is foldable weighing 898 grams in weight. Moreover, the device once in a foldable position measures 304 x 130 x 118 mm. In addition, in an unfoldable position, the device measures 320 x 440 x 118 mm.

2 Aircraft :-

The drone enables it to fly at height in 60 seconds with a maximum flight time of 32 minutes. Moreover, the drone has a maximum horizontal speed of 16 m/s and a maximum vertical speed of 6 m/s. In addition, the aircraft can operate from -10°c to 40°C temperature. The device has IPX3 water resistant rating. Furthermore, the drone includes microSD cards and SIM card slots. Additionally, the drone has a maximum ascent speed of 4 m/s and a descent speed of 3 m/s.

3 Camera features:-

Anafi Ai offers amazing aerial shots with powerful sensors and a high-megapixel lens that captures minute details. Moreover, the device arrives with – an inch CMOS sensor with a 48MP camera. The device captures a dynamic range of 14EV in HDR mode. In addition, the device features optical LD- ASPH with an f/2.0 focal aperture. The Anafi drone comes with an electronic shutter to avoid motion blurring and has 6 motion stabilizers. Furthermore, the camera sensor of the device allows 6K zoom features. Talking about videography, the device offers 4K video resolution with HDR10 and HDR8 Support. Additionally, it consists of P-log for editing videos professionally. The device features an Anafi Ai lens with 6 spherical elements. Along with this, the device arrives with a Quad Bayer color filter and Real-time HDR capture.

4 Connectivity and transmission:-

The Anafi is a 4G drone with worldwide LTE connectivity. Moreover, the device uses a routing algorithm to switch between LTE and WiFi networks. The device connects with its 4G remote controller within 30 seconds even when not in WiFi range. In addition, the drone offers inflight file cloud transfer with real-time streaming. Furthermore, the device allows an omnidirectional vision System along with stereoscopic cameras for obstacle avoidance system. The device GNSS system includes GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS.

5 Remote controller:-

Anafi Ai uses Parrot sky controller 4 remote weighing 606 grams. Moreover, this remote controller measure 310 x 147 x 55 mm in dimension. This RC has compatibility with devices up to 8-inch screen size. In addition, the display of 4G RC has IPX5 dust resistant rating with WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n connectivity. Furthermore, the RC has battery support of 3350 mAh with a 2× USB-C port and micro HDMI.

6 Battery life:-

The Anafi drone supports a 6800 mAh high-density lithium battery with a USB Type-c port. In addition, the battery weighing 366 grams charges at 45W charging speed.

7 Cybersecurity and application:-

Parrot’s latest edition Anafi Ai comes with a high degree of security. The drone does not allow any data transfer without consent. Moreover, the device has FIPS140-2 compliant with CC EAL5+ certified Security. In addition, these secure elements digitally sign the images from drones proving authentication. Furthermore, it has bug bounty and transparency in security checks during data transfer. Other than this, talking about the application, the device has a free app with no subscription fees. Additionally, the app is compatible with iOS 12 and above. Moreover, the app covers 3free 3D models along with the PIX4D cloud.

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