Skydio SAFE program – A Hit or Miss

If you’re regular to our website, it could safely be assumed that you’re a drone enthusiast. Now we all know budget for drone operation for a business is quite a big thing. Along with that, other concerns are there too, such as wear and tear, new obsoletion of technology, damage, firmware and software feature updates, bug fixes and hardware update. On top of that organizational issues are also present such as posting change, or promotional vacancy due to which untrained operator related issue arises. Now to address these issues and more Skydio introduces its’ SAFE program. In a net shell, to reduce down time and to cut down the worries to incorporate drone system in a business is what drive Skydio SAFE Program targets at.

What is Skydio SAFE Program?

Skydio has launched a five-year comprehensive after sales program namely Skydio Assured Future Equipment program or in short Skydio SAFE program. This program consists of all of its air frame drone’s hardware, software, services and update related components bunched together. Thus, it reduces owners all concerns and blow an air of confidence to incorporate drone system into their business. With their industry grade training program and omni-channel operational support it’s a package of excellence.

What all are the Skydio SAFE program components?

All the components that Skydio SAFE program made of are as follows:

1. Drone System:

This includes a Skydio X2 vehicle device, ground controller and the accessories such as three batteries, one dual charger, one spare propeller blades set one tactical soft case, one admin hard case and user manuals of course.

2. Air frame Refresh:

With several development in various fields such as electronics or software, it doesn’t take much time to make any machine go obsolete. And a drone is no different to that. That is why this industry leading plan has made an introduction of replacement once for a Skydio air frame with latest model of similar value, sensor configuration and accessories at the end of 3rd year, free of cost. This will ensure that the latest feature rich drone always remains at action.

3. Extended Warranty:

A warranty is always a nice to have cushion for any equipment out there in market. Skydio Care Enterprise will extend a standard hardware warranty for three additional years for each air frame drone in the plan of original and refresh. Thus, making those drones under the cover of warranty for a whopping six years. 

4. Collision Protection:

Even though these drones are equipped with cutting edge protective gear, still there always remains slight chances for damage in extreme conditions. In that case Skydio Care Enterprise promises a three years of replacement service for up to three replacement drones associated with the plan (original or refresh). Even one lost drone will be replaced as part of this plan.

5. Wear and Tear Protection:

Wear and tear are a part and parcel of any mobile component. But to the relief of the owner, when the equipment reaches its manufacturer recommended duty cycle Skydio Spares Plan covers up to two battery and propeller replacements for each drone per year for three years. Creates an uplift in budget, right?

6. AI Skills software:

In this days and era AI infused system is almost a necessity for almost every fields. And for advanced system like drone its’ as of like base requirement of it. Skydio SAFE program comes with a subscription to cutting edge, on-drone and cloud based Skydio Autonomy Enterprise software and service. This software is optimized for inspection and situational awareness use cases. This software ensures superior flight control, obstacle avoidance, mobile object tracking and visibility. User even can opt for optional Skydio 3D Scan adaptive image capture software. This feature rich software is developed with the purpose of automating inspections of complex structure with inclusive of coverage up to submillimetre resolution. 

7. Skydio Cloud:

Cloud applications makes drones or vehicles accessible/controllable from far distance. Thus increases the usability of an air frame drone. Skydio SAFE program comes with two of such avant-grade cloud services. Skydio Cloud Basic is one of them that provides API integration for third party platforms such as DroneSense, AirData etc. Where as the other and optional one i.e., Skydio Cloud for Real-Time awareness is one highly recommended cloud application. This enabled the potential to live stream drone feed to any web browser or mobile devices.

8. Expert Training:

Often human resource re-structuring happens in institutions, that leads to untrained professional at places where knowledgeable if not trained and skilled persons are required. Now there are certain job that requires on the job training while the other, like piloting a drone requires pre-acquired knowledge. Skills has to be developed on top of that. This program includes 5 years of access to Skydio Academy portal. There a complete selfpaced course is available on the operation of Skydio aircraft and AI skills software. Whereas in-person training can also be arranged upon request.

9. Operational Support:

No matter how skilled or knowledgeable a person is, an operational support from a subject matter expert is always the cherry on top of a cake. And that is also a part of this program. The enterprise-grade day-to-day support with a dedicated agent is part of this program. This support can be achieved over omni-channel communication (Phone, Email and Chat) bi-weekly cadence call etc.

Why to go with SAFE Program?

This program is designed to reduce administrative burden by minimizing operational discontinuity, obsoletion of device protection, damage and wear and tear protection and many more for a duration of 5 years. This comes with a flexible annual or lump-sum payment method so that it doesn’t become heavy on budget at any point of time. With operational support and industry leading expert training human resource re-structuring comes smooth. This provides a smooth, hassle free and anxiety free drone operation on-boarding.

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