Skydio X2 autonomous drone for professionals; know the details

Skydio develops a new drone in the X series family under the moniker Skydio X2 which became a breakthrough in the drone market. Moreover, the drone is an upgradation to its former model Skydio X making its strong identity among the top drones in the market. In addition, the latest X series Skydio X2 is popular for professionals in the field of enterprise, public safety, and defense. The X2 drone helps in the enterprise section as in industrial asset inspection, construction site mapping, security, and patrol. Additionally, for public safety, the drone helps in search and rescue, accident scene reconstruction, and situational awareness. Furthermore, for defense, the drone is useful in incident response, security and patrol, and intelligence and reconnaissance. Other than its functionality, the drone arrives in two models and both are famous for their field.

Skydio X2 is available in two models including Skydio X2D and Skydio X2E. Talking about the first model, the X2D is for short-range requirements, especially for the US military. In addition, this model is the ultimate choice of the Army for search and rescue, patrolling, reconnaissance, and many more. On the other hand, the second model X2E is developed especially for enterprise and civil agencies. Moreover, the drone is the ultimate choice for the inspection of buildings, and other infrastructures, and also for situational awareness. Furthermore, the drone arrives with an autonomous navigation system enabling it to take close and accurate shots with ease.

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Skydio X2 autonomous drone specifications

Skydio X2 arrives as a game changer in the drone market for Skydio. Moreover, the device is portable with foldable arms, rugged, and all set for its day and night duty. In addition, the device features a six 4K sensing system with a 360° obstacle avoidance system. The device is equipped with an Autonomous core, and AI system and is well built for its obstacle avoidance, motion detection, and avoidance. Furthermore, the X2 drones have a unique enterprise controller. Thus, all these features of Skydio X2 are enough to turn anyone into a professional drone pilot. Moreover, talking about specifications, the drone has two models Skydio X2D and Skydio X2E. Additionally, the X2E arrives with one color model and one thermal model.

Skydio X2 D specifications

Skydio X2 D model uses exceptional AI to become the best reconnaissance drone. Moreover, the drone is lightweight, portable, and best for pack-and-go transportation.

Design and size:

The device has foldable arms with dimensions measuring 38× 30× 10mm. In addition, the drone weighs 1.3kg and can carry loads up to 150 grams. The X2D drone consists of two batteries, a controller, a charger spare kit, an offline vehicle, and more.


The X2D drone can attain a maximum flight of 10km and an expected flight with a range of 6Km. In addition, the device has a maximum flight time of 35 minutes.

Camera sensors

The drone has two different types of camera i.e color and thermal camera. Moreover, the color camera features 4k resolution with 16× digital zoom. In addition, the thermal sensor features FLIR Boson 320 thermal imager with 8x zoom. This camera gives a 180° field of view.

Sensing system and security:

The Skydio X2 D drone arrives with a 360° obstacle avoidance system. In addition, it features omnidirectional vision with above and below super fish eye lenses for obstacle clearance. Moreover, the device has real-time 3D mapping, motion planning, and scene recognition systems. Furthermore, for security, the drone has AES 256 wireless encryption. With this, it has the ability to provision and de-provision devices.


Skydio X2 uses a Skydio Enterprise controller unit with 6.8- an inch touch screen display and joystick. Moreover, the controller lasts for 4.5 hours and has Type-c charging port. In addition, the X2’s controller comes with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage options.

Skydio X2E specifications

Skydio X2 has another model X2E specifically for enterprise applications such as situational awareness, search and rescue, and accident scene reconstruction. Moreover, the device is an intelligent aircraft with lightweight, portable, and foldable built.

Design and size:

Skydio X2 E in foldable position measures 11.9″× 5.5″× 3.6″ in dimension and unfoldable position measures 26.1″× 22.4″× 8.3″. Moreover, the device weighs 1325 grams in weight and features a Skydio 3D scan.

Camera sensors:

Skydio X2 enterprise model arrives with two camera sensors i.e color and thermal. Moreover, the color camera features a 4K60p resolution HDR camera with 16X digital zoom. In addition, the thermal sensor includes FLIR Boson 320P thermal sensor with 8x digital zoom.


Skydio X2 E offers a maximum flight time of 35 minutes with an expected range of 6km. In addition, the device attains a maximum speed of up to 40km/ hour. The device can operate in Temperatures ranging from -10°c to 40°c.

Sensing system and security:

Skydio X2E arrives with an omnidirectional vision System with fish eye 360° view lenses. Moreover, the device has an object tracking system for up to 10 simultaneous objects at a time. Talking about security, the drone offers AES 128 wireless encryption built-in security.


Skydio X2E uses a Skydio Enterprise controller unit weighing 1130 grams. Moreover, the unit consists of a dual-2 axis joystick, dual rockers, and 10 buttons for physical functioning. In addition, the controller has a 256GB storage option with 12GB RAM.

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