FAA drone registration mandatory to fly your drone; know how to register your drone

In earlier days, flying a drone or looking at a drone was itself a big thing. However, with the rise in technology, the drone market has remarkably risen in a short time where drones are now a part of life either for recreational purposes or commercial work. Moreover, the craze for flying drones and reaching skies is now the new trend of this advanced generation. However, if you are new to this trend and planning to have one of these, you must primarily know about the registration. In Order to restrict the non compliant drone operation, FAA mandates the FAA Drone registration protocol which is an easy process.

How to do FAA drone registration for your drone?

Federal Aviation Administration

FAA drone registration may sound very complex, but it’s very easy to proceed and register your drone for safe and legal flight. Moreover, there are a set of rules to know before proceeding to have your drone registrations. In addition, the registration cost just $5 and it’s only available on its official website to reduce the number of cyber fraud cases. Also, you must be 13 years or more years old to be eligible to register your drone. Furthermore, if you own a drone weighing less than 250 grams, there is no need for FAA drone registration. But, drones weigh more than that, there are different processes you must know to register.

Online registration process

If you have a drone weighing up to 55 lbs, you need to pursue an online FAA Drone registration process. Moreover, follow these steps to complete your registration process.

  • Create your login id giving your email address.
  • Add your credit/ debit card for payment of $ 5.
  • Give the details of manufacturer and model of the drone

Thus, the online registration process completes issuing the 10 digit registration number valid for up to 3 years. However, if you have a drone more than 55 lbs, there is a completely different process to have this FAA drone registration. The users need to opt for mail- in registration that includes paper and number process. Moreover, the users have to mail the documents to the FAA, Aircraft Registration Branch.
However, if under circumstances you didn’t go through FAA drone registration and get caught flying an unregistered drone there will be hefty fines. In addition, the FAA imposes a fine of $27,500 for civil cases, and up to $250,000 for criminal incidents with the possibility of 3 years in jail.

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