Flying Car: Great Innovation toward futuristic technology

A few years back, who could imagine the world witnessing a flying car in the sky? Moreover, the introduction of flying cars is taking technology to the next level, which will be the future of transport. In addition, looking at the current extreme traffic congestion and road conditions of surface transportation, there was much need for developing innovative solutions. Technology is moving ahead every second, from autonomous vehicles for humans to drones for surveillance and package delivery. And then to long-term transport solutions, i.e., the introduction of futuristic flying car technology. However, as the flying car comes into action, many questions about this technology arise.

Moreover, with the introduction of a flying car, the makers are in full plan to turn sci-fi into reality. But is this flying car a real thing in 2022 for every people? And if yes, then what will be the cost? In addition, this article will give you complete details regarding all the aspects. One flying car will cost much more than the average car. Thus, it well fits the rich society.

Furthermore, there are several designs and prototypes at the moment. But, howsoever, none of them are available commercially. Additionally, the world’s first production car, i.e., AM4.0, will arrive commercially in 2024. The report suggests that since 1917 these cars have existed. But these are very uncommon and unusual. And now, the companies are on a mission to bring them to the masses.

Flying car
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How much will a flying car cost?

Technology is adding advancements in luxurious things, and as earlier, there were personal jets. And now, people will own flying cars in mass. However, after thinking about these cars, the first thing that appears is their cost. These flying vehicles will not be cheap as the prices are all over the place depending on the companies. Moreover, talking about the cost, each car will cost according to its features. For example, there is a report suggesting that the Jetson ONE costs $92,000 that can carry 210 pounds or less at a time. In addition, the report states that the car from Xpeng soon arrives in mass and will cost approximately $157,000.

Furthermore, many other cars will soon be on the market with prices depending on their features and abilities. However, the cost of these cars may vary from less than $100,000 to more than $1 million. Thus, it’s not much more affordable for any average person, and these prices will rise with technological advancements. 

How do flying cars work?

Flying car technology is a futuristic approach to reducing traditional roadways transport dependency. Moreover, the flying vehicle may give the experience of birds in the air. But, these cars allow riding for a shorter duration as the vehicles will have ultimate speed. In addition, recent development suggests that the car will fly on a motor without any wings and propeller on both the road and air. The latest design allows vertical takeoff and landing features.

Furthermore, the makers use parachute technology for safer landing and to avoid crashing. Talking about AeroMobile 3.0 uses 100hp Rotax 912 engine that powers the front wheel in drive mode. And the latest Xpeng X2 uses multi motors, giving a maximum speed of 130 km/hr. On the other hand, the Aircar prototype uses a 160hp BMW engine with fix propeller and ballistic parachute. This allows the car to fly at 1000 km height was a speed of 170 km/hr. Furthermore, the first flying vehicle of India PAL-V will use a 200bhp engine in flying mode, attaining a speed of 180 km/hr.

Is the flying car safe?

Imagining a flying car hovering over the sky might be exciting, but there comes an equal risk. Moreover, the air cars, if damaged or malfunctioning in the middle of the flight, could be dangerous to passengers, pedestrians, and more. In addition, compared to road cars, the flying vehicle, when damaged in between or ran out of fuel, gets no choice than falling out of the sky. Furthermore, there are also safety issues in bad weather. A strong gust of wind or rain, or lightning may hamper the flight and cause life-threatening damage.

Additionally, to flying cars in the air, drivers need formal learning. However, to eradicate or minimize such issues, the makers focus on all the safety domains. There will be a whole set of new rules to manage the flying car’s network in the air.

How will flying cars be reliable to travel?

Every new technology to establishing needs to prove itself on various grounds. Moreover, flying car to function properly needs proper regulation and governance. In addition, there are many points to focus on to make flying vehicles reliable. New policies will need to regulate periods between landing and takeoff, navigation, and many more.

  1. Safety- There will be a need for NAS/ FAA regulation and suitable airspace to ensure safety. 
  2. Pilot driving training and license– There will be a need for proper training of pilots for both Manual and autonomous cars. 
  3. Proper Airspace– The cars will have good traffic rules, vertiports, corridors, and flight paths to avoid collisions. In addition, there should be policies and governance for vertical takeoff and landing features.
  4. Environment friendly– This car must be environmentally friendly with a minimum house, greenhouse gas emissions, and more.
  5. Security– These cars will be highly computerized for navigation systems. Thus, policies will be needed to safeguard these cars from cyber threats such as malware, DDoS, and more.

India’s first flying car PAL-V 

As per the report, PAL-V will be the first flying car in India that will be manufactured in Gujrat. Moreover, the vehicle will arrive in two editions, i.e., the Liberty sport version with a price of INR 2.6 crore and the Liberty pioneer edition with a price of about INR 3.9 crore. In addition, this car will attain a speed of 160 km/hr on the road and 180 km/hr in the sky. However, the car is said to arrive in year 2025 most probably.

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