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know the best drone simulation game for Android or iOS users

Drones are now an integral part of every section of work whether its photography, enterprise work, agriculture or defense. There is no field of work where drones can not enhance the workability and productivity. However, if you are using the drone for the first time, it’s more chances that there is a risk of a drone crash due to lack of flying skills giving a shock to your bank balance.

Thus, considering these in mind, the developers bring drone simulation game that could make you learn to fly drones on a digital platform. Moreover, who hasn’t dreamt of being a pilot in childhood gushing planes in the sky tearing clouds apart. And, now this drone simulation game gives you a chance to relive those dreams digitally even if you can’t afford expensive drones.

What is a drone simulation game?

Drone simulation game is the software gaming program that simulates the experience of flying drones with a real drone connector compatible with your choice of devices. Moreover, with these simulators you can customize the area and environment you need to fly so that you can prepare yourself to fly in a real scenario.

In addition, this drone simulation game concept is helpful as it makes you ready for real challenges so that you do not crash your expensive drones in critical situations. It’s better to learn through digital platforms rather than crashing drones and learning through them. Furthermore, the drone simulation game has two types. First category includes a simulator to learn how to fly a drone. And the second category is for those who want to learn to fly FPV drones for drone racing.

Moreover, talking about the price of a drone simulation game, it is lower than that of your expensive drones. In addition, these simulators are available at a price range from $5 to $250. However, the prices completely depend on the type of drone simulation game you want. Thus, if you are a beginner and keeping your feet in the drone simulator world, it’s better not to spend on an expensive one. Here is the best drone simulation game that you could play on your Android or iOS.

Drone simulation game for your Android or iOS

There are many drone simulation game apps that are available for Android and iOS users. Moreover, some of these apps are free whereas some of these apps require money to unlock stages. Thus, if you want to fly drones, but couldn’t afford those expensive drones. Then, these drone simulators are definitely for you giving experience of real drones at an affordable price or even for free. Here is the list of some drone simulation game apps that are best to learn to fly drones including high power FPV drones.

1.   RC Drone Flight simulator 3D

Photo Credit: Play store

This drone simulation game is a free Android app which allows users to practice drone flying. Moreover, with this game app, users get a third party view of the flying. And offers basic challenges for the users. In addition, the game has basic options to control the drone and is good for beginners. Furthermore, users after scoring at each level get options to choose different drones and flying locations. This game has three different places that include the office, supermarket, and Warehouse. And, has a total of five drones that unlock at different levels.

2.   Quadcopter FX simulator

Photo Credit: Play store

This drone simulation game is available on both iPhone and Android phone. Moreover, this game allows you to fly drones in a virtual yet realistic environment. This game has advanced controls for the players who are ahead from the beginner stage. In addition, the app includes a first person view at eye level along with other modes that support Google cardboard VR. Other than this, it includes a gimbal stabilization camera with return to location feature, heads up display, and advanced drone control. Furthermore, the game has course lock, home lock, altitude hold switch and many more.

3.   AR Drone Sim Pro

Photo Credit: Play store

This drone simulation game is from AR Parrot which is a renowned drone company. Moreover, this game allows users to fly drones in adverse weather conditions. Thus, in the real scenario, drone pilots do not face any difficulty in such situations. In addition, this app allows users to customize the situation such as change the altitude, speed, and control modes. Furthermore, the app has an easy and user-friendly control system making it popular among iPhone users.

4.   Drone on my Phone

Photo Credit: Play store

This drone simulation game helps to learn to fly the drones as well as improves your FPV flying skills. Moreover, this app is for both first person view and line of sight with free challenges on some levels. The game supports VR mode and has Bluetooth multiple racing feature. In addition, the game has a physics engine for beginners and advances as users move to higher levels. The app has a Game Map that enables it to locate the obstacle courses while flying. Furthermore, there are additional maps for advanced levels which users can buy at low cost as in-app purchases. In this purchase, users will get additional features like control over expo rates, FPV camera tilt, and other drone modes.

5.   Drone Racing League

Photo Credit: App store

This drone simulation game is free, easy to use and fun for iPhone and Android users. Moreover, this game allows users to choose a drone of their choice and take part in races worldwide. In addition, the app chooses futuristic virtual yet realistic locations including iconic sport spots, historic places, and museums. The game allows you to choose the best drones such as Drone Racer 4, the Racer X, and DRL and T-Mobile 5G Drone. Furthermore, the players control the drone with camera wearing goggles that stream live video giving the feeling that users are inside the drone.

Furthermore, this game gives players an adrenaline rush to finish the race as soon as possible and win exciting prizes. The app allows you to design your own Quad, choose your partner and fly at high speed via player made course map. Also, the game gives boosters and coins to use while flying to overcome obstacles.

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