DJI fly 1.7.8 : What feature will be available after this update?

DJI recently released its new version of the DJI fly app, DJI fly 1.7.8. However, it is a significant update for DJI mini 3 pro and DJI air 2s drone. 

The DJI Fly app interface was designed to be simplified and ultra-intuitive. It is Compatible with the DJI Avata, Mavic 3, Mini 3, Mini SE, Air 2S, FPV, Mini 2, Mavic Air 2, and Mini.

The Main Important features of DJI fly 1.7.8 are

dji fly 1.7.8

What’s New for mini 3 pro

When Camera AE is set to pro, you can manually adjust the shutter speed and ISO with this recent update. Not only that, DJI, this time, tried to give immense experience by enabling the control of sharpness, noise reduction and style parameters. Support for Enhanced Transmission on DJI is added.

What’s New for DJI air 2s

DJI air 2s is well known as a budget-friendly professional drone for content creators. But with this recent DJI fly 1.7.8, you can increase your flying and capture experience. This update enables you to adjust the EXP settings in cine mode. Fixed specific problems and improved the app’s overall quality.

Essential: These updated features will be available after Updating the Aircraft firmware. Once you update your DJI fly app to the 1.7.8 version, the app will automatically ask you to update your aircraft firmware.

To use this application, you need ios 11.0 or higher for apple and android 6.0 and above for android users.

What are other updates from DJI?

DJI and this update released the DJI RC firmware update, whose version is V01.02.0000. After this firmware update, your DJI air 2s will be compatible with DJI RC. So update the app and fly safely.

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