Be Ready, DJI RC will soon support the DJI Air 2s drone.

After many controversies, Dealdrone has finally confirmed some good news. The DJI RC will support DJI Air 2s from this month. Another announcement came from the leaker, which is also a piece of pretty good news. In late October, the DJI Mavic 3 Classic will be available with the DJI RC.

Dealdrone shared a chat screenshot with DJI customer service, and the CS said that the DJI RC would soon support the DJI Air 2s.

Some features of the new DJI RC

A DJI RC remote controller provides an unparalleled flying experience for DJI drones. It has a compact design, an FHD display, an incredibly long battery life, new dual-spring control sticks for more comfortable flying, support for DJI O3+ advanced video transmission technology, and a new DJI O3+ video transmission technology. Aerial creation is now more practical than ever, thanks to its tremendous capability.

For smoother control and safer flight, DJI RC can deliver low-latency HD 1080p/60fps live feeds with a maximum transmission range of 15 km when used with drones that support O3+ transmission.

  • It is very light, weighing around 390 gm.
  • The integrated 5.5-inch FHD screen provides up to 700 nits of long-lasting brightness.
  • Four hours of uninterrupted battery life.
  • It has a USB-type C port and a micro SD card slot.
  • Due to its built-in touch screen, there’s no need to attach any smartphone to fly a drone anymore.
  • Smooth control
  • The cost is $309.

DJI Air 2s uses DJI O3 transmission technology, but DJI RC currently uses O3+. So, using a firmware update, they will also make the RC compatible with O3 technology.

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