Things That you need to know about rumored DJI Inspire 3

DJI Inspire 2 was launched in November 2016. Six years passed, but the new inspire series had not been released. But with many recent leaks, we expect the DJI Inspire 3 to launch this November. This Drone will be the revolution in the filmmaking industry with DJI Zenmuse X9. Still now, Inspire 2 is the most popular aerial cinematography drone used by professionals but after the release of inspire 3 the story will change.

As per the leaker, DJI took all the good features from inspire 2 and added the improvements to create this state-of-the-art machine. The DJI Inspire 3 drone will offer the ideal aerial platform for photographers and videographers. It will be equipped with a DJI Zenmuse X9 full-frame camera, introduced in Ronin 4D, to perform extraordinary video recording performance.

Possible features of DJI Inspire 3  

Foldable propellers  

OsitaLV’s previous leak (A concept prototype drawing from OsitaLV) confirmed that the new DJI Inspire 3 would come with foldable propellers. It is the 1st Drone of this DJI series which will come with foldable propellers. This foldable feature will help it to become a portable friendly machine.

Compatibility with DJI RC Plus  

DJI RC plus is designed for industrial use and supports dual operators mode. This remote is compatible with the Matrice 30 Series, an industrial series from DJI. But the revealer OsitaLV believes that the new inspire Drone will be consistent with this high-end industrial remote controller.

Features of the RC  

  • IP54 rated  
  • It comes with a dual external antenna  
  • It has eight core high-performance processor  
  • The resolution of the display is 1,920×1,200  
  • Maximum Brightness is 1,200 cd/m²  

DJI Zenmuse X9 in Inspire 3 

X9 is a gimble camera with a full-frame sensor mainly used in RONIN 4D.  

Features of the X9  

  • CineCore 3.0 to record in CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes  
  • Internal recording of Apple ProRes RAW, ProRes 422 HQ, and H.264 video  
  • Supports up to 8K/75fps and 4K/120fps video recording  
  • 14+ stops of dynamic range  
  • It has Built-in ND Filters  
  • It comes with Interchangeable lenses  

So as per the Ronin 4D features, the OsitaLV predicted some of the features of the new DJI Inspire 3  

OsitaLV’s expected specs for the DJI Inspire 3  

  • New Ocusync4 video transmission with dual RC  
  • CineCore 3.1 to record in CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes  
  • It will support Super 35 or large format.  
  • It may support 8K 75fps, 6K 100fps, and 4K 200fps video recording.  
  • There will be No crop in every framerate.  
  • The codec will be RAW 12 bit / ProRes 4444XQ / 422HQ (A more data-efficient variant of Apple ProRes 422 called Apple ProRes 422 HQ maintains visual quality at a high level comparable to Apple ProRes 4444)  
  • Time code sync  
  • There will be Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance sensors.  
  • APAS Pro  
  • It can introduce High accurate maneuvering.  
  • Somatosensory gimbal control  
  • Portable video receiver for director  
  • Stepless iris adjustment  
  • Foldable propellers  

What will be the price of the DJI Inspire 3?  

If there is one thing we can be sure of, this Drone won’t be inexpensive. Just take a peek at the Mavic 3 series’ price increase. According to OsitaLV, the DJI Inspire 3 will cost at least $1,599 more than the Ronin 8K, which is now available for pre-order. Depending on the camera payload, several industry experts concur that the Drone can potentially cost more than $10,000.  

So, let’s wait until we get the confirmation from DJI regarding this new DJI Inspire 3 drone. 

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