Skydio 21.0.61 updated features that you will love the most!

The Skydio 2/2+ drones recently introduced a refreshed software upgrade version of Skydio 21.0.61. These drones continue to improve with each new version and gain additional features that alter the aircraft’s overall functionality.

The Skydio 2/2+ drones are among the most satisfying purchases you can make. When purchasing a drone since Skydio does not focus solely on hardware advancements, as many other drones do. Instead, they concentrate on enhancing the software of the drone. As a result, the lifespan of the drone you purchase is extended. Now, many of you may be interested in the new releases in the most recent update. Skydio 21.0.61 adds new features, enhances others, and makes some much-needed modifications.

Quick Launch

The option to hand-launch the drone with four rapid taps on the battery button is a fantastic new feature included with this upgrade. The latest Quick Launch feature, which makes it simpler to launch a Skydio manually, is described in more detail here.

Quick Launch permits you to quickly hand-launch the Skydio 2/2+ drone with the help of the power button of the battery, eliminating the need to give a balance to the controller with one hand and the drone in the other. To turn on Quick Launch, go to the settings menu of the device, next open the Drone tab, and then scroll down towards the Quick Launch option.

Photo Credit: Skydio Inc

 Furthermore, after you’ve chosen Fly Now, you’ll simply need to press the battery power button four times to launch. As the propellers spin up, gradually let go of your grip while keeping your hand still. Your Skydio 2/2+ drone will lift off your resting palm and fly away. Just be careful not to push or hurl the drone into the air.

 What else has been added to the Skydio 21.0.61 in the software’s version?

System of Lock Beacon

By activating Lock Beacon Controls, you may now block button interactions on the go in your Skydio Beacon. This prevents undesirable actions during flight, such as unintentional instruction to halt tracking. This capability comes in handy when keeping the Beacon in a pocket or a bag or connecting to something other than oneself.

User account deletion

 It is now instantly possible to delete an account permanently, which will destroy all flight data related to your Skydio 2/2+ drone. However, remember that this move is irreversible, and you will not be able to restore your account data.

Connection Status

 You can now see the power of the connection between your controlling device and the drone, the GPS accuracy, and the number of satellites to which your drone is linked. To view the connected drone’s status, the signal’s power, GPS quality, trustability, and the satellite count, choose the Status icon showing connection and check.

Skydio 21.0.61 Keyframe

The highest speed you may select for the KeyFrame currently is 29 mph (13 m/s), according to Skydio. During the flight, use the roll joystick to modify the pace of the KeyFrame intuitively. You may select one of three options in the available KeyFrame skill settings menu:

 Absolute: Input from the roll joystick immediately transfers to drone movements. Skydio will come to a halt whenever the joystick is centered.

 Relative: Rolling the joystick boosts or reduces speed. The Skydio 2/2+ drone will keep its current speed whenever the joystick is centered.

 Off: The roll joystick movement does not affect the speed.

Case Landing Improvements

 Skydio 21.0.61 will possibly require one second of total joystick inputs to open the case to decrease the possibility of canceling the Case Landing because of an inadvertent nudge. Tap the blue case symbol to restart a Case Landing.

Skydio 21.0.61 Dynamic Channel Selection (DCS)

 To enhance wireless transmission signal quality during flight, your Skydio 2/2+ drone will detect signal interference and shift to a cleaner channel by default. You may change this by picking a different channel.

Emergency Flight Termination

 In the case of a severe emergency when flying with a controller, you will now have the choice to abort your flight. To quickly halt your drone’s motors, press and hold the Land and Return buttons on the controller for three seconds while in flight.

Other Improvements  

The gimbal will enter a relaxed condition when charging or resting.

But some of the user faced some issue with this software update. read it here

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