Selfie drone booming photographic era: know the best selfie drone in 2023

Drone technologies are now part of our day-to-day life whether it’s for personal transportation or taking selfies. Yes, You heard right, there is now a selfie drone for photography or blogging. Moreover, as technology is advancing it is more focussing on the smaller circle and makes things more effective and impressive. Earlier, people uses selfie sticks and tripods for getting great snaps, but still, there was an inconvenience for large groups photography in selfie mode. Thus, here comes flying selfie drones making selfie photography easy and effective. In addition, these drones fit into pockets and are portable to any place you want to go and take photographs. Furthermore, those days are not far from where we can imagine having personal selfie bots always with us.

Moreover, talking selfie drone, it has a significant advantage over phone camera or selfie sticks as it is useful in different scenarios easily. In addition, these drones are portable, handy, and equipped with significant features opening a new world of selfie possibilities. And the additional reason behind its success is that the selfie drone is easy and intuitive to operate. Furthermore, there are selfie drones that come without a remote controller and are accessible by an app on a smartphone.

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Best selfie drone in 2023

Selfie drone is being more popular not only among photographers, but also among bloggers, and professional cinematographers. Moreover, looking at the craze and demand for these drones, makers are bringing a plethora of selfie drones into the market now and then. However, if you are looking for a selfie drone that will be best for you, there are some features you must consider.

  1. Good Quality camera– If we are talking about selfies, we must look for a selfie drone with a high-quality camera. Moreover, for high-end photos and videos, there must be a 4k camera saving time and battery life.
  2. Size and Weight– Selfie drone must be light weight and handy so that you could take wherever you want.
  3. Battery life– Having good battery life in your selfie drone is very important criteria. If you settle with low battery drone, you may face battery down issue while operating or implementing ideas.
  4. Others– you must consider selfie drone with electronic image stabilization. In addition, to have intresting look, choose drone having sci-fi look, or mini plane look.

Moreover, selfie drone is usually on a high budget, but there are many drones in the market with an affordable price range and efficient features. Here is the list of best selfie drones in 2023 making your photography more fun and easy.

Zerotech dobby Pocket selfie drone

This selfie drone is popular as it is portable and fits in a pocket. Moreover, the user may control this drone via their smartphone with the best tracking feature. The drone measures 135mm X 67mm X 36.8mm in dimension. In addition, the drone covers a maximum distance of 100m with a flight time of 9 minutes. Talking about camera features, the drone arrives with 13MP 4K HD standard resolution camera with 1080p short video selfie mode. Additionally, it has facial recognition and optical and acoustic sensors. Furthermore, the drone carries a 970mAh battery with 45 minute charging time.


  1. Low battery life
  2. Does not have an obstacle avoidance system
  3. Need of 4K video resolution
  4. Short flight time

DJI Spark Selfie Drone

This is the ultimate selfie drone that is small enough to launch from the palm. Moreover, the drone attains a maximum distance of 2km at 31 mph speed. In addition, the device has a flight time of 16 minutes with an active tracking feature. Talking about the camera, the drone arrives with a 12MP camera with a 1/23 inch sensor, f/2.6 wide angle lens, and mechanical globalization. Along with this, it offers 1080p video resolution. Furthermore, the device has features like palm launch, gesture control, quick shot, and obstacle detection.


  1. May be expensive
  2. Need flash memory card for recording video and photo
  3. Maximum flight time could be more better

DJI Mavic Air 2 selfie drone

This selfie drone is a professional and durable drone with super accurate tracking, smart flight mode, and has obstacle avoidance system. Moreover, the drone covers a maximum distance of 10km with a flight time of over 20 minutes. In addition, the device arrives with a 4K integrated camera with 30fps video resolution. Furthermore, the drone takes 33 minutes to charge the battery and arrives with 8GB of internal storage.


  1. Do not have smartphone control feature
  2. Requires FAA registration
  3. Expensive

Hover Camera Drone passport selfie drone

This selfie drone is a self-flying drone with Artificial intelligence technology making photography easy without the remote control. Moreover, the drone is lightweight and three a blade design drone wan with auto-follow options and owner mode. In addition, the drone arrives with a 13MP camera and 4K UHD video resolution. The device does not require any FAA registration.


  1. May be expensive

Holy Stone HS120D Drone

This selfie drone arrives with the best controls and unique functional features. Moreover, the device arrives with a 1080p FHD video and photo camera with 32GB storage options. In addition, the drone has control options for both its smartphone and an analog remote. The app for the drone allows customizing of route drawings. Furthermore, the drone comes with an extra battery in its sturdy carrying case.


  1. storage only up to 32GB
  2. Loud during flight

EACHINE E50 WiFi FPV Quadcopter drone

This selfie drone is a portable and affordable drone with wings that collapses inwards alongside the body. Moreover, the drone measures 13.5cm X 6.5cm X 2.5cm in dimension. The device covers a 40m maximum distance with a flight time of 8 to 15 minutes. In addition, the device allows 720p resolution videography. Other than this, the device arrives with a barometer, LED strips, an altitude hold feature, and a battery of 500mAh capacity charging in 120minutes. Furthermore, the drone is controlled via WiFi FPV or UFO app on a smartphone.


  1. Delayed charging time
  2. Limited maximum distance
  3. Lags and fame drops

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