DJI RC Plus top features; upcoming inspire 3 could be compatible with RC

The leading aircraft company DJI is leaving no stone unturned to bring the best for users in the drone market. Moreover, talking about drones, the most important part is to control the drone for the better control. And for better control functioning, we need the best remote controller as this is the only thing drone pilots interact with the most. Keeping this in mind, DJI introduces the better-able remote controller with the moniker DJI RC Plus. In addition, this latest RC allows consumer-level customization and is specifically for enterprise-level users. However, what do we need from a better Remote controller, efficient functionality, a powerful grip, and accurate inputs? And, the latest DJI remote controller is fulfilling all these needs resulting high-quality results.

Talking about the latest DJI RC Plus, the device first made its appearance on FCC timing back in February. Moreover, the introduction of this remote controller gave an idea of the revolution the drone makers are trying to bring to users. In addition, this RC Plus is the best enterprise controller in the market among the plethora of other controllers. The largest drone maker, DJI brings the latest RC Plus with a seven-inch screen with six quick access buttons and compatibility to work in an extreme environment. Furthermore, this Remote controller offers a list of functions including an IP54 rating allowing the device to work in extremely cold, hot, or rain. Also, the device has a swappable battery along with USB Type-c, HDMI, and microSD card slots.

DJI RC Plus top key features

The DJI RC Plus is loaded with numerous features that make the device user-friendly and efficient in all ways. Moreover, the device is like one man army that enables you to conquer a complex mission easily and single-handedly. Here are the top key features of the DJI RC Plus attracting drone pilots to choose this blindly.

Effective screen built:

When we are talking about field safety missions or public inspection, large screens come in use for communication. However, changing with the technology there are many adaptive measures taken to avoid chaos in functionality. Moreover, considering the movement while accomplishing the mission, the company brings a high-resolution screen itself in the remote controller. The DJI RC Plus arrives with a 7-inch screen with 1200 cd/m offering clear vision for navigation even in direct Sun vision.

Withstand adverse environment condition:

To accomplish any mission, it’s necessary to deal with harsh climatic conditions. Moreover, the DJI RC Plus is built to handle all the adverse weather. Apart from direct sunlight, drone pilots can easily access the controller in cold, hot, rain, and others. In addition, this is the first DJI waterproof controller with an IPX54 rating. Furthermore, the device ensures better functioning in temperatures ranging from -20° C to 50° C.

credit-enterprises Insights

Quick access buttons:

DJI keeps every user’s interest in vision while planning for this DJI RC Plus. Moreover, when the mission reaches a critical point, the pilots make mistakes with touch screen functions under pressure. However, to eradicate such issues, the company brings the device with multiple buttons on the controller. Thus, it minimize confusion among pilots and augments better functioning. Furthermore, the device includes six quick access function buttons enabling it to switch camera views, pinpoints, and zoom-in features hassle-free.

Heavy battery support:

DJI RC Plus arrives with a heavy battery supporting long-time missions. Moreover, the device has a WB37 battery similar to that of M300 RC batteries. In addition, the battery offers six hours of battery life. And once the battery is low, there are unique features of a hot swap battery without aborting or delaying the mission. Furthermore, the RC supports a 65W USB Type-c port charging system. The device may be charged even if it’s in use.

Enhanced network connectivity of DJI RC Plus:

Drones are used in different areas irrespective of the network presence. However, it becomes very important that the controller could have inbuilt enhanced network connectivity. Moreover, the connectivity should be strong enough to communicate with your drone when it’s on enough height to bring better results. The DJI RC Plus allows network connectivity even from 15km away. In addition, the device includes four antennae with distinct features. Furthermore, the RC Plus has two features in terms of its network connectivity;

  1. The device allows for the removal of the top antennas. And, thus it’s easy to attach your network signal enabling a clear video feed without interference.
  2. The device offers option to add DJI cellular mode with 4G connectivity. This gives strong network connectivity even in remote areas.

Drones supported by DJI RC Plus

DJI RC Plus is the latest controller supporting numerous drones of DJI branding. However, the report suggests that the controller is only compatible with DJI drones only. But, there are chances that this may change in the future. Moreover, the RC Plus will fully support M30 drones including M30 and M30T. And may also support M300 in nearby future. Apart from this, the report also supports that this controller may support the upcoming Inspire 3. Furthermore, the tipster supports his leak with an information page suggesting the model numbers supporting RC Plus. This also includes model number WM630 which represents Inspire 3.

credit: ositaLV tweet

However, the company has still no confirmation whether the upcoming Inspire 3 will have the support of RC Plus or not. Thus, it’s better to wait for official confirmation before jumping to any conclusions.

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