DJI 3M giving world new angle for precision agriculture with multispectral imaging

DJI, the trusted name in the drone market, is now stepping forward with its new innovative drone DJI 3M aka DJI 3 Multispectral drone. Moreover, DJI is working tirelessly to give this world series of advanced drones for all categories of work. If we go back in old times, could anyone ever imagine there would be such advancement that drones would replace humans in every field of work. However, it’s very thankful to technology how things worked up and now saving lives and manpower of humans on a large scale. And, DJI has a major role in making this dream come true and channelising this drone power in today’s era. In addition, DJI is the rising name for drones for not only photography or entertainment purposes. But also launches the drone which are best for mapping, surveillance, rescue missions, underwater imaging, and defense operations. Furthermore, with the recent advancement, the company launches thermal and enterprise drones making history in the drone world.

Moreover, DJI successfully launched the Mavic series that is already creating chaos among drone users. And now to the latest addition, the company launches DJI 3M aka DJI 3 Multispectral drone focussing entirely on precision agriculture. In addition, DJI levels up the bar in the drone market as it brings the drones which people are only imagining at the moment. This multi spectral imaging drone is going to make history as it will give a new angle to achieve precision agriculture.

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Talking about DJI 3M, the drone will arrive to help farmers around the world for crop quality improvement and enhance production efficiency. Moreover, this drone will also help in cost reduction and increase income with promotion of development of modern agriculture. Additionally, the company claims that the DJI 3M will get an automatic field scouting system that will easily detect abnormality in crops and analyses so that a single person would have to manage up to 70 hectares of land.

DJI 3M specifications and features

DJI launches the special Mavic series drone DJI 3M that arrives with a multispectral imaging system. Moreover, being a DJI drone, it is lightweight, portable and easy to set up. Talking about the drone, DJI says that ” the drone has built-in DJI cloud API based on MQTT protocol in pilot 2. This will allow users to directly connect the DJI 3M to a third party cloud to gather information, live Photo, and videos. In addition, the drone will also support Mobile SDK 5 allowing users to develop exclusive control apps in no time.” Furthermore, the company also informs that these drones will have limited availability in only selected regions. Moving towards its price, the company discloses the price in China to be more than $3,500 in the US and Canada. However, the price for North America is still under wraps at the moment. Thus, after DJI 3T and DJI 3E, we are now going to learn specifications and features about the latest DJI 3M.

DJI 3M aircraft Design and size

DJI has a characteristic feature to make their drones portable and compatible. And thus, this DJI 3M is a portable camera drone weighing 951 grams. Moreover, the drones measure 223× 96.3× 122.2 mm in a folded position. Whereas, once unfolded, the drone measures 347.5× 283× 139.6 mm in dimension and has a diagonal length of 380.1mm. In addition, the drone will have a maximum takeoff weight of 1050 grams. However, the drone is somewhat heavier than other DJI M series drones.

DJI 3M aircraft speed and performance

The latest DJI 3M will arrive to offer a maximum flight time of 43 minutes with maximum flight distance of 32km. The drone covers mapping operations over an area of 200 hectares in single flight. Moreover,  the drone will have a maximum flight speed of 15 m/s and with speed resistance, it offers 12 m/s of maximum speed. The drone has a maximum hover time of 37 minutes and has maximum takeoff altitude of 6000 m above sea level. In addition, the drone will attain a maximum ascent speed of 6 m/s and 6 m/s of descent speed. Furthermore, the drone will operate at temperatures ranging from -10°C to 40° C. Also, the drone supports the GNSS system that includes GPS + Galileo + BeiDou + GLONASS. However, the GLONASS will only get enabled if RTK mode is there.

DJI 3M aircraft imaging system

Photo Credit: DJI

To enhance the aerial surveying, DJI brings DJI 3M with two forms of imaging system i.e RGB camera with multispectral camera. Keeping in mind that agriculture production needs both precision and accurate data, this drone aces the category. Moreover, talking about RGB Camera, it has 4/3 CMOS image sensor with 20MP resolution and 84° field of view. The sensor will have electronic and mechanical shutter to have a clear shot while moving. Additionally, the photo mode supports 20MP resolution with time lapse of 20MP and same panorama. The RGB Camera supports 4K and FHD Video resolution. Moving toward a multispectral imaging system, the camera has 1/ 2.8-inch CMOS with 5MP and 73.91° field of view. The sensor has fixed focus with an electronic shutter. In addition, the camera will have Green, Red, Red Edge, and Near infrared bands. Furthermore, the imaging has a sunlight sensor to capture solar irradiance and records for light compensation of image.

DJI 3M sensing system and transmission

DJI makes their drones that are safe and stable to fly. Moreover, the DJI 3M arrives with an omnidirectional binocular sensing system with infrared sensor. In addition, the drone easily performs terrain following aerial surveying in steep slope landscapes. The drone has a forward sensing system ranging from 0.5 m- 20m and a backward sensing system from 0.5 m to 16m. On the other hand, laterally the sensing system is up to 0.5 m to 25m and in upward direction, it has up to 0.2 m to 10m. Also in downward direction, it measures a distance of 0.3 m to18m. Additionally, the drone arrives with a 3-axis mechanical gimbal that controls tilt, pan, and roll of the aircraft. Furthermore, the drone gives stable and smooth signal transmission. The drones have a DJI O3 image transmission industry edition system with 4 antennas and DJI cellular module.

DJI 3M Remote Controller

DJI 3M supports the DJI RC Pro Enterprise Edition with the O3 image transmission system. Moreover, the RC will have a 5.5-inch screen with 1920×1080 resolution and 1000 nits brightness. The RC  will support 10- point multi touch display and will have Bluetooth 5.1. In addition, the RC will carry a 100W Lithium-ion battery with a 12V or 15V charging system. The device supports 64GB of internal storage and micro SD card support. Furthermore, it has a maximum operating time of approximately 3 hours.

DJI 3M RTK Module details

The drone with RTK module captures an accurate image at every pixel in centimeter level positioning. Moreover, the drone will have fixed RTK i.e horizontal 1cm + 1 ppm and vertical 1.5cm + 1ppm. The RTK module will weigh approximately 24 grams and has a USB Type-C interface.

DJI 3M Battery Capacity

Photo Credit:DJI

DJI 3M arrives with efficient and ultra long battery life with 500 mAh capacity. Moreover, the battery weighs 335.5g with charging temperature ranging from 5° to 40° C. In addition, the battery charger has 100W output power and the charging hub will carry three batteries on charging rotation. The charging hub will support USB Type-C port with voltage ranging from 5V to 20V and has 5.0 A current.

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