How can DJI p4 multispectral help you to fulfill your agricultural needs?

DJI recently came forward with the Phantom 4 Multispectral, an agricultural and land management tool. This DJI p4 multispectral is specially designed to give wings to the future of farming, making it the world’s first integrated multispectral imaging drone.

DJI, the leading provider of civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, is significantly impacting the industry by creating easy-to-use agricultural drones that revolutionize commercial drone sales. DJI p4 multispectral blends data from six different sensors to keep track of the crop’s health, from individual plants to entire fields. Users can also check the conditions of weeds, insects, and soil.

Moreover, DJI p4 multispectral proves to be a fantastic tool for farmers and agronomists, aiding them in boosting crop yields and saving their expenses. This powerful tool also allows environmental specialists to easily check vegetation on the required property or the piece of land. With such modern technological inventions, the agricultural drone industry is supposed to accelerate from $1.2b to $4.2b by 2024.

DJI p4 multispectral can change the face of the agricultural and land management sectors. It can collect the exact data of the plant status without needing employees in the actual field for manual surveys. 

This transformational technological tool can integrate multispectral photography and turn it into a trustworthy, efficient, cost-effective solution. As a result, it is impacting a wide range of industries at large around the globe and particularly those that are just introducing drones in their industries.

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Multispectral Imaging with High Precision 

DJI p4 multispectral has a well-established and stabilized imaging system. This newly designed device consists of one RGB camera and a multispectral camera array. Its five narrow band sensors are competent enough to recognize visible and invisible light, including red edge and near-infrared. This unique in-built enables skilled specialists to collect information and gain insights on vegetation stress, soil composition, pollution, and water salinity. Plus point is its integrated spectrum sunlight sensor which allows for collecting data that is accurate and consistent at the time of the missions.

In addition, pilots can easily switch between real-time views and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) output to get hands with the data when on the field. It has integrated Ground Station Pro flight planning software to gain insights. Apart from this, users can find the RTK positioning module and TimeSync system, giving it the potential to carry out field operations. Moreover, DJI p4 multispectral can provide real-time and exact positioning data for each image, enabling photogrammetric findings and delivering centimetre-level precision measurements.

Workflow Compatibility in the Industry

DJI p4 multispectral is potent to meet industry standard processes. It can do workflows like flight programming, mapping, and analytics in the top industries. Users can create automated and repeatable missions through DJI p4 multispectral’s Pro program.

It is making their flight planning, execution of assignments, and flight data management more effortless. This collected data, without any lag, can be loaded into a range of third-party tools to analyze vegetation index maps. 

Exceptional Performance

DJI p4 multispectral uses DJI’s OcuSync transmission system, offering a smooth flying experience to the pilot. The system works with minimal interference in the signal, provides faster video transmission, and covers a wide area of transmission. It has a 2-megapixel camera consisting of a global shutter to provide explicit imagery during flight. Also, DJI p4 multispectral has a flying capacity of 27 minutes per battery.

Overview of the Key Benefits of DJI P4 Multispectral

DJI p4 multispectral is not a family event filming drone but a necessary tool for modern-day farmers willing to ease their farming process, thereby boosting their income. This extraordinarily made drone offers the following advantages to the farmers:

  • Farmers can check the health of the plant on the go. 
  • DJI p4 multispectral has a technique for data collection which enables them to analyze the plant’s health easily. 
  • Furthermore, it can fly for 27 minutes while covering a transmission range of 7 kilometres.
  • Moreover, farmers can generate detailed reports on the crops’ status. 
  • They can glance at the plant from top to bottom with its robust 1RGB camera and multispectral camera array.
  • In addition, the drone is provided with a spectral sunlight sensor that can capture and measure solar irradiance enabling users to gather exact statistics.

These applications and benefits make DJI p4 multispectral an appealing drone in the market.

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