Autel celebrates its brand day with video Contest 2022; know the details

Autel is organizing the Autel video contest 2022 to embark on the day, the company made its entry into the market. Moreover, Autel Robotics is a leading drone developer and manufacturer since 2014. And its first-ever drone took off in the air on 17th September. So, to embrace the day, the company celebrates Autel Day. In addition, the company every year comes up with different ideologies to celebrate this day. And this year, the company celebrates its Autel Day on the theme “New perspective, new possibilities”. Furthermore, the company organizes a series of activities to celebrate the official brand event.

Moreover, the event starts from 17 September to 31st October covering all a series of different competitions. This year company brings the Autel Video contest 2022 where the company invites various Autel users. In addition, this contest allows users to fly infinitely in the sky and shoot films from their innovative perspectives. As per the contest rules, the contest allows users to fly only one flagship of its Autel drone to create a video. It includes the Evo Nano series and the Evo Lite series of the Evo II series. Furthermore, the company will also provide exciting gifts and prizes to the winner of this contest.

Autel video contest 2022 details

Autel is celebrating its brand day starting from 17 September to 31St of October. Moreover, the company on the theme of New perspective and new possibilities offers Autel users to participate in Autel Video contest 2022. In this contest, only Evo series drones are allowed to be used. In addition, the company suggests registering the entrants during the Brand Day period. And, the evaluation process will be there before announcing the winners.

Furthermore, the company’s official website suggests that the users entering this contest have to follow Autel Robotics on Instagram or YouTube. Along with this, while posting their content, users have to tag their accounts with the hashtag #AutelDay. After following these steps, then only the users can participate and be evaluated in the contest. In addition, the company will evaluate the video on different criteria. As per the criteria rule, it will depend on 40% theme and presentation, and 40% shooting and editing skills. Along with it includes, 10% creativity and 10% popularization. Moreover, the users have a wide range of category options to shoot video. This will include categories like travel, vlog, plot, creativity, documentary, and humanities.

Moreover, talking about prizes for this Autel video contest 2022, the company sets to give exciting offers for every section of winners. In addition, the first winner will get the first prize of $2000 and the second winner will get a $1500 cash prize. Also, the third winner will get an award of $1000. However, the other participants need not be sad as the company has also something for them. The company will offer a special prize of $300 for the top 20 winners.

Furthermore, the company has some strict terms and conditions suggesting abiding by rules and regulations. These terms and conditions are on the Autel Robotics official website. Apart from this, the company also states to organize various roadshow campaigns and offline workshops all over the world during this period. Also, the company will include many popular KOLs from the drone market. These companies may also show their latest products and services at the brand event.

Taking about drones for the Autel Video contest 2022, the Autel Evo series should only be used. Moreover, during this brand event, the company also reduces the price of the Autel Evo Lite+ Premium Bundle. By reducing the price by 20 percent, the price will be $1479. Also, the Autel Evo Nano+ premium Bundle by 20 percent, will be $879. Talking about Evo Nano+, the drone has a high-quality camera sensor of 1/1.28- inch CMOS sensor with 50MP resolution. In addition, the device weighs 249 grams making it an ultralight portable drone. The device will have a three-axis gimbal offering better results. Furthermore, the device RYYB color filter with a high f/1.9 focal aperture. Thus, it allows the users to have superior noise reduction. And also enables users to capture high-quality videos and images in low or high light conditions.

Moreover, taking about the other one, the Evo Lite+ provides camera sensors with a 1-inch CMOS sensor image. In addition, the drone offers high moonlight sensors enabling users to capture crystal clear images with all details. The camera in this drone has a focal aperture ranging from f/2.8 to f/11 allowing users to adjust the exposure and field depth. Furthermore, the drone gives users full freedom to show their creativity with extra features within it. The users get high stand video quality of 6K resolution with long flight time and less hindrance. Along with this, the drone offers an ultra-wide Angle obstacle avoidance system. Moreover, this camera drone offers three binocular sensing systems with 40 minutes of battery life.

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