A glimmer of hope, “Varuna Drone” India’s first drone that can transport people

Flying like a bird is an age-old human dream that appears to be coming true. With the unveiling of the ‘Varuna drone”, India joins the elite club of countries with indigenous air taxis.

In the plenary session of the Naval Innovation and Indigenisation seminar, Pune-based start-up Sagar Defence Engineering Private Limited displayed Varuna drone, its first human-carrying drone. This project was started three years ago and is funded by Muzgaon Dockyard Limited.

The demonstration of this drone in New Delhi was witnessed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister was in town to address at the Naval Innovation and Indigenisation Organization seminar “Swavlamban”.

Varuna Drone: The Future of transportation

According to a report from ANI, the country’s first human-carrying drone would be inducted into the Indian Navy soon.

According to the Hindustan Times, Capt. Nikunj Parashar, founder of Sagar Defence Engineering, developed the drone with his co-founders Babbar and Lakshay Dang to handle medical evacuations or deliver freight.

This drone is designed to protect frontline soldiers. According to sources, the drone can carry a 130 kg equivalent cargo, such as liquid, equipment, or even a human being, for 30 minutes over a distance of 25 kilometres. Moreover, the personal autonomous multi-copter air vehicle is capable of being controlled remotely or flown automatically. The drone has four auto-pilot settings to choose from. According to insiders, the drone is outfitted with ballistic parachutes that launch in an emergency. Along with that, the drone can be used as air ambulance or goods transport in remote areas.

The founder stated that, in addition to the drone unit, they have been working on landing gear so that the vehicle can take off and land from moving battle ships. Further changes are being made to accommodate rural use of air taxi or remote delivery, he noted.

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