Things that you need to know before going to jump for DJI air 2s

DJI is an all-rounder in the field of drone industries. From entry-level drones like DJI tello to enterprise-level drones like DJI M30T, they continuously try to satisfy all levels of customers. DJI air 2s is a drone category that best fits for content creators. But before investing a considerable amount of money in this drone, you should know some essential things about this drone.  

In this article, I will try to eliminate all the questions which may come to your mind before buying this drone.

Some of the common questions are  

Is DJI air 2s water resistant?  

The answer is no. This drone is not waterproof. If you need a waterproof drone, this will not be the best choice for you.  

Can you fly this drone Indoors?  

The GPS module for DJI air 2s and DJI mini 2 is not so good. So, it will be risky to fly indoors in low light conditions without GPS.  

Can this drone fly over water?  

It can fly over water, but under the bridge, you should be careful because if the drone loses the GPS signal, then controlling it will be difficult.  

How long does the DJI air 2s battery last  

The official data shows it lasts for 31 mins in ideal condition, but after charging for 1 hour and 40 mins, it lasts for only 24-27 mins, and this number will decrease based on your battery charge cycle.  

Can DJI air 2s be used for mapping?  

No, you can’t use this drone for your mapping applications.  

How fast does the DJI air 2s go?  

The maximum speed of this drone is 19m/s in sports mode, which is quite enough for any content creator.  

What happens when a drone goes out of range?  

If the drone goes out of range, automatically, RTH will be activated, and it will go at maximum height and will return to the home location.  

How much weight can a DJI air 2s carry?  

It can lift an additional 500gm but not more than that. With the weight, the flying time will drastically reduce. 

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