Elios 3 – A Game Changer For Indoor Mapping and Inspection

The Elios 3 is one of the most advanced in the wildly popular Elios drone line, which was designed with one goal: to make aerial mapping and inspection easier than ever. It is designed with a platform capable of adjusting and growing as technology improves, a LiDAR sensor that can be used for precision imaging even in harsh conditions and a collision-tolerant camera. Keep reading to know more about these features in detail.

LiDAR sensor

Flyability’s Elios 3 is a collision-tolerant, LiDAR-equipped indoor mapping drone. The company’s proprietary SLAM engine, FlyAware, turns the data acquired by the drone into a high-resolution 3D model in real-time. This is a great way to improve safety and reduce downtime.

For many industries, a good map of a remote location is imperative. With Flyability’s Elios 3, inspectors can measure critical parameters and document the results in a single day.

SLAM-Based Stabilization

Flyability’s Elios is powered by a SLAM engine that combines the data collected by three optical cameras. Combined with an NVidia graphic engine, it produces a centimeter-accurate, real-time 3D map.

In confined space inspection, it’s important to note that the most impressive technology could be better. That’s why Flyability engineers have been working on their next-gen product, the Elios 3. Their goal is to make it easy for new pilots to get started on their first inspection in a matter of minutes.

Collision-tolerant drone

Flying drones that can tolerate being bumped into is an innovative and intriguing approach to interior mapping and inspection. New opportunities for safe and thorough reviews and data collecting are made possible by a drone’s ability to maneuver into tight or otherwise impenetrable regions while avoiding collisions with impediments.

Thanks to their unique construction and state-of-the-art software and electronics, the drones made by Swiss startup Flyability may be used to inspect and monitor potentially dangerous areas safely. While the company’s primary focus is on industrial inspection, it also provides services for the oil and gas industry, the mining industry, the wastewater and sewer business, and the security sector. 

3d mapping

The Elios 3 can do more than just indoor 3D mapping. By using the FlyAware SLAM engine, high-quality 3D survey models may be created in flight. The drone can withstand hits of up to 4 meters per second, thanks to its detachable protective frame.

As the first collision-tolerant indoor 3D mapping drone, Flyability’s Elios 3 sets a new standard. Inspecting assets in the field has always been challenging thanks to this tool, which is equipped with a LiDAR sensor for 3D indoor mapping.

Ease of use

If you have ever considered using a drone for mapping and inspecting the interior of a building, the Elios 3 model offered by Flyability is a good choice. With the assistance of this drone, your inspection requirements can be satisfied in a way that is both risk-free and time-efficient. 

This breakthrough drone uses simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology in conjunction with a modular payload to build 3D maps and models in an instant. Elios 3 can even map dangerous or inaccessible places. Through its thermal imaging camera, users can conduct risk-free evaluations of structures and equipment.

A cage has been installed inside the Elios 3 camera module to improve its overall safety. In addition to that, it has a 4K camera and an LED lighting system installed in it. After receiving these modifications, the Elios can be utilized virtually in any setting.

Gadgets are made to grow over time.

The device’s cutting-edge technology enables it to map and inspect confined locations without needing assistance from a person. The Elios 3 is a flexible piece of equipment because it can operate in any weather.

This technology comes equipped with a high-resolution 4K camera that can record accurate visual information. A three-dimensional representation of the interior of the building has been created as a result, and it can be utilized for inspections. Following an inspection, inspectors can use the data Elios provided to create 3D models that are just as accurate as a survey.

Modular Payload

The models provide an accurate and easily digestible representation of the current state of the asset. The software offers an inspector a visual representation of defects on the 3D model, which is an additional plus. Elios 3 was conceived to cater to upcoming changes in the industry. Since it has an integrated modular payload, the drone can be customized by inspectors to meet their particular requirements.


The Elios 3 drone is revolutionizing the world of aerial mapping and inspection with its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design. This sleek machine, designed with a platform that evolves with advancements in tech, packs a powerful punch with its collision-tolerant camera and precision-driven LiDAR sensor.

As the Elios 3 continues to evolve, it provides inspectors with an accurate, easily digestible representation of assets through its 3D models, complete with a visual representation of defects. With its modular payload, the drone is customizable to meet specific inspection needs, making it a flexible tool for the ever-evolving industry.

Unlock the power of aerial inspection with Flyability’s Elios 3, a drone designed to make your inspection journey more accessible and efficient than ever.

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