Drone Flight Height – Things You Should Know before flying

Technically a normal drone could fly up to 10 kilometres of altitude. However, this height is calculated from above sea level. But apart from this you may want to know about legal limitations as well. Let’s discuss about legal terms first.

How much your drone flight height can go legally?

               Almost throughout the globe restrictions are imposed on recreational and commercial drone flight height. Although the restriction varies with spread of locations. Sometimes few countries/states come together to create the rules Like EU or USA. Other times it’s the country’s decision alone. Here is list of height restrictions for some popular places:

PlacePermissible LimitAuthority
European Union150 meter above the earth surfaceNational Aviation Authority
United State of America120 meter above the earth surfaceFederal Aviation Administration
United Arab Emeritus120 meter above the earth surfaceGeneral Civil Aviation Authority
India15 meter above ground levelMinistry of civil aviation
China120 meters above ground levelCivil Aviation Administration of China
Singapore120 meters above ground levelCivil Aviation Authority of Singapore
Indonesia150 meter above the earth surfaceMinistry of Transport Republic of Indonesia

What is the virtual ceiling height for drones?

               Possibility of effective drone flight height depends upon mostly signal strength, signal modulation and air density. DJI’s patented modulation technique allow its drones to fly up to 15000 meters. Whereas Skydio 2/2+ can achieve a height of 4572 meter. Autel Robotics’ Autel Evo II could achieve upto 800 meters of height. All these heights are being performed upon steady air flow condition from sea bed level. As we rise up the air density reduces. Thus, produces less thrust for the rotors of drones. Therefore, it creates a virtual ceiling for the drones. The more RPM it produces in higher altitudes the better it can go above. But in doing so it burn more juice out of battery causing lesser and lesser flight time.

What is the longest-range drone?

               Now naturally the next question comes to mind is what is the longest-range commercially available drone out there in market? Long range drones can fly from 10 to 12 KM above the sea bed level. DJI’s Mavic 3 can fly up to 15 KM up above the sky. The powerful battery it contains allows it to fly for 45 minutes at a stretch. This makes it the longest-range drone commercially available.               

Now that you’ve reached, I believe you have the idea that almost all commercially available drones have a capacity to go beyond Visual Line of Sight (VLOS). It is not physical ability but the legality that carbs a Drone flight height. Please confirm and take all the necessary permissions from the local authority always.

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