Best drones for kids in 2023: let kids explore the nature from above

With the rise in the technical world, drones are becoming an impeccable part of our lives. Whether it’s for entertainment or commercial use drones are to be seen everywhere. Moreover, the craze for the drone is not just limited to the adults, but Kids are equally hovering over it. Apart from fun, drones are useful in STEM learning for your kids encouraging them to understand electronics, and computer skills. In addition, with heavy competition in the market, there are many companies bringing a plethora of drones in the market for kids. However, some of the drones may be expensive, have steep learning curves, and some arrive with serious safety guidelines for the kids to follow. Thus, here is the list of best drones for kids put together to assist you choose the best keeping in mind their interest and skills.

DJI Mini SE– Best aerial photography drones for kids

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DJI Mini SE are the best camera drones for kids that are beyond 13 years of age. Moreover, it weighs 249 grams only which saves from the registration process in the USA and China. In addition, this drone is not just a toy, but a serious GPS camera drone with gimbal and flight time of 28 minutes.


  • Not for rough and tough use
  • Bit pricey

Ryze Tello– Best indoor and outdoor drone

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Ryze Tello are the best drones for kids beyond 14 years of age that come with quality and smartness. Moreover, the drone weighs only 80 grams which is super light and includes three batteries. In addition, the drone has the best quality camera with 13 min flight time and covers distance up to 100m range.


  • Need to download app
  • No GSM

Holyton HT02 Mini Drone– Best budget drone

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Holyton HT02 Mini are the best budget drones for kids with safety cage and controller- case combination. Moreover, this indoor drone weighs 19 grams for children aged around 8 years with flight time of 8 minutes. In addition, the drone has protection guards, a headless mode and ability to do an emergency stop.


  • Low range
  • Do not have any camera

Potensic A20 :

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Potensic A20 are the best compact and robust drones for kids beyond the age of 8. Moreover, the drone weighs 189 grams and has a flight time of 8 minutes. In addition, there are prop guards for safety and headless mode.


  • Complex battery slot

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