DJI Mini 3 arrived on the floor; know the key features and details

DJI is the leading drone company that is deepening its roots in the drone market by bringing advanced drones back to back. Moreover, the company earlier in 2019, introduced its first drone in the DJI Mini series. And now, the company launches its next drone DJI Mini 3 of this series on 9th of December. In addition, the company with its Mini series gives the user the best option for entry level drones. Earlier, DJI also brought the Mavic Mini drone, but by the next year the company replaced this series with the introduction of Mini 2. However, if you are sacrificing the features of the drone for the size, then Mini 3 is for you. The Mini 3 is the best compact and lightweight drone with advancement in features and technology as that of previous drones in this series.

Moreover, looking at the growth of drone demand in the market, many drone manufacturers are bringing advanced drones one after another. But, DJI is very consistent with the idea of lightweight  drones with a handful of features, making it outshine others. DJI drones are remarkably doing well in every field of work whether it’s cinematography, enterprise, field work, rescue missions, surveying and mapping, construction, and many more. Furthermore, the company has drones that are best for the agriculture sector, underwater, and extreme weather conditions. Not only features, DJI brings drones which are lightweight for your wallet too. Thus, this new Mini 3 non pro is pocket ready compact drone all set to fly and create big.

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DJI Mini 3 features and price details

DJI announces its next Mini series drone under the moniker DJI Mini 3 creating chaos among drone users. Moreover, the company as promised brings the mini advance drone as light weight and budget friendly DJI Mini 3. The drone arrives with better flight time and standard flight battery as that of its predecessor DJI Mini 2. In addition, the drone weighs under 250 grams that is best for new users as it will not require any registration as per the drones flying regulations.

Talking about price, the latest Mini 3 non pro arrives on the floor with price of $ 559 with DJI RC-N1 controller and will have price of $ 699 with DJI RC Controller. Additionally, the drone is also available as a combo that includes Mini 3, DJI RC-N1, a shoulder bag, a two way charging Hub, and two extra intelligent flight batteries for $858. Furthermore, the drone will also arrive as drone only unit at price of $469 most probably from January next year i.e 2023.

Mini 3 key specifications

DJI Mini 3 arrives today in the market which is remarkably mini with mega capacity. Moreover, the drone is the safest one in the series and is packed with performance.

DJI Mini 3 aircraft design and size

Mini 3 is a lightweight portable drone weighing not more than 248 grams. Moreover, the drone in folding position measures 148× 90× 62 mm and in unfolding position measures 251× 362× 72 mm. In addition, the device measures 247mm diagonally.

DJI Mini 3 aircraft Speed

Mini 3 with its streamline body design arrives with an increase in flight time and safety than before. Moreover, the drone attains a maximum flight distance of 18 km with maximum flight time of 38 minutes. In addition, the maximum hovering time of the drone is 33 minutes. The drone flies with a maximum speed of 16 m/s with maximum ascent speed of 5 m/s and maximum descent speed of 3.5 m/s. Furthermore, the drone will fly at operating temperature ranging from -10° C to 40° C.

DJI Mini 3 aircraft imaging system

DJI Mini 3 arrives with a 1/1.3- inch CMOS image sensor with 12MP resolution and f/ 1.7 aperture. Moreover, the imaging system will include electronic shutter, still photography modes, 4k video resolution with digital zoom, and true vertical shooting . Additionally, the device gets other quick shot modes like Drone, Helix, Rocket, Circle, and Boomerang. Furthermore, the device will have a 3-axis mechanical gimbal stabilization system.

DJI Mini 3 sensing and transmission system

First talking about the sensing system, the DJI Mini 3 arrives with a downward sensing system with precise hovering from 0.5- 10m. Moreover, the drone will have a downward operating environment with adequate lightning, diffuse reflectivity. Secondly, talking about the transmission system, the device arrives with DJI 02 transmission with a maximum distance of 10 km and 2 antennas.

DJI Mini 3 battery life and remote controller

DJI Mini 3 allows you to capture reducing your low battery anxiety and uninterrupted flight. Moreover, the drone arrives with an intelligent flight battery of 2435 mAh capacity and intelligent flight battery plus of 3850 mAh capacity. In addition, the intelligent flight battery takes up to 64 minutes to charge fully and the intelligent flight battery plus model takes 101 minutes to fully charge. The device uses DJI 30W USB Type-C charging port with three batteries charged In sequence. Also,the drone will support other batteries also i.e Mini 3 Pro intelligent flight battery and DJI Mini 3 Pro intelligent flight battery plus. Furthermore, talking about remote controllers, the device will arrive with a DJI RC N1 remote controller that has a maximum operating time of 6 hours. Additionally, this Remote Controller will operate at temperatures ranging from-10° C to 40° C.

Limitations of Mini 3

DJI Mini 3 is no doubt the best package drone in its small size and compact price. However, there are few issues you might consider. The drone features a downward sensing system, but it lacks forward and rear obstacle vision systems. So, there might be a risk of drone accidents or drone damage while flying through trees or buildings. Moreover, there are also chances of drone damage as the drone could automatically fly and hit an object while navigating it to home via RTH functions. Also, while using quick shot modes like drone or other, there will be a need to make sure the area of flight is clear. Furthermore, the lack of these obstacle avoidance sensors hamper the shoot.

However, with this price range, all the small drawbacks are considered null as the device is best for entry level drone pilots who want a plethora of features at a small budget.

Should You Upgrade from DJI mini 2 to DJI mini 3 non-pro?

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