Autel dragonfish : The VTOL for endurance, safety, and redundancy

Autel is the leading drone manufacturing company that is deepening its roots with back-to-back introductions of innovative drones. Moreover, the company focuses on high-performance drones competing in this neck-to-neck competitive market. The company creates buzz in the market by introducing Autel Dragonfish, which has VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) capabilities. In addition, as the name suggests, the Autel dragonfish is forceful and expensive drone giving high performance, long battery life, and multiple combat features. Furthermore, if you are looking for powerful mission drones, then Autel dragonfish is the ultimate choice. The company designs aircraft combining the VTOL feature like quadcopters with high endurance like wing aircraft.

Moreover, the company suggests that the Autel dragonfish, with its unique tilt-rotor design, increases performance and efficiency by simplifying intense missions. This dragonfly drone is safe as it arrives with a powerful AI tracking system and multiple payloads. In addition, the device does not have any complex moving parts; thus, it is reliable, modular, and waterproof.

Moreover, the Autel dragonfish series has three model drones. It includes dragonfish lite, dragonfish standard, and Dragonfish pro. Furthermore, the company is famous for its drones that aces every field, like public safety, traffic management, and fire protection. Also, it focuses on agriculture and surveillance properties along with energy conservation. However, the Autel dragonfish is a massive success as it is the leading VTOL drone that is easy to install and use. The users can install this drone in just 3 minutes with all its setup. Furthermore, the company is aware of the market demand for drones with autonomous and intelligent capabilities. Thus, here comes Autel Dragonfish fulfilling all the needs and orders of enterprise drones.

Autel dragonfish
Photo Credit : Autel robotics

photo credit – Autel Robotics

What makes Autel dragonfish special?

Autel dragonfish is the best VTOL drone with multiple endurance features placing itself in a wide range of budget options. Moreover, the dragonfish is popular among drone users as it allows one-tap takeoff and landing capabilities. Along with this, it has a point and clicks user interface with intelligent autonomous functions making the drone easy to use for every old or new pilot. Furthermore, here are a few key points that distinguish Autel dragonfish from the rest.

1. The autonomous capability of the Autel Dragonfish series-

Autel dragonfish has spread its wings other than only having aerial photography. Moreover, unlike others, the drone completes its mission and returns home on its own. This drone also enables tracking down the stolen car and finishing multipoint tasks due to the AI algorithm.

2. Multiple Payload-

Autel dragonfish is available in the market, offering three first-party camera payloads creating compatible payloads. In addition, the device’s interchangeable payload includes DG- Z2, DG- T3, DG- T3H, DG- L20T, and DG- L50.

3. Safe and redundant-

Autel dragonfish is superior to other VTOL drones as it focuses on safety measures. Moreover, the device will arrive with GPS RTK, dual batteries, and IMU that gives backup to these during power breaks. In addition, with this feature, the drone has a feature to change the current mode to another mode at the time of damage. Furthermore, the drone arrives with a dual CAN feature used during connection failure. Also, the drone’s AI system checks the flight to remove any failure throughout the flight.

4. Controller –

Autel dragonfish arrives with the Autel Voyager software controller, which easily allows highly autonomous functions. Moreover, the drone will arrive with a ground station, a display along with antenna capable of video transfer.

autel robotics remote controller
Photo Credit: Autel Robotics

5. VTOL feature –

Autel dragonfish features VTOL, i.e. vertical takeoff and landing, along with multi a rotor and fixed-wing system. Thus, this gives flight flexibility, increasing flight time and the ability to fly and land anywhere.

Autel dragonfish specifications

Autel dragonfish is a VTOL surveillance drone that can quickly fly in a remote and complex environment. In addition, the drone is maintenance-free, environment-friendly, and has a quad configuration. Moreover, the series includes three models: dragonfish lite, dragonfish standard, and dragonfish pro.

1. Design and size:-

Autel dragonfish lite measures 1600x950x350mm in dimension, and dragonfish standard measures 2300x1290x460mm in size. Whereas the dragonfish Pro measures 3040x1650x460mm. Moreover, the dragonfish lite is a lightweight drone weighing only 4.5kg, and the standard one weighs 7.5kg. At the same time, the pro model weighs 14.5kg.

2. Aircraft:-

Dragonfish lite attains a maximum height of 4000m with a flying speed of 17m/s. The standard and Pro models reach a maximum height of 6000m with a full speed of 17 m/s. Moreover, these three models will have maximum wind resistance of level 6 with multi-rotor and level 7 with fixed wings. Talking about payload, the lite model has 1.0 kg of maximum payload, and the standard model has 1.5 kilograms of maximum payload. In contrast, the Pro model has 2.5kg of maximum payload. Furthermore, the standard model has 120 minutes of full flight time, and the lite model has 75 minutes. In comparison, the maximum flight time of the Pro model will be 160 minutes.

3. Camera:- 

Dragonfish series arrives with a dual zoom camera sensor with 8MP. In addition, the sensor will have 20x zoom, 12x digital zoom, and 240x total magnification. Moreover, the series will include dual-sensor wide-angle camera having 12MP and 1-8x digital zoom. Furthermore, the series will arrive triple sensor, including a zoom camera of 8MP, a wide-angle camera of 12MP, and a thermal camera with an Uncooled VOx Microbolometer. Alongside this, it has five multispectral 2MP sensors.

4. Transmission:-

Dragonfish series arrives with a maximum transmission range of 30km. Moreover, the series works at temperatures ranging from -20°C to 50°C. In addition, the series has an IP43 rating making it a waterproof drone. Furthermore, the series will have a GNSS system that includes GPS+ GLONASS+ Beidou+ Galileo.

5. Battery:-

Dragonfish series has an 8200mAh battery capacity that runs for 3 hours at maximum brightness. And 4.5 hours of half brightness. Moreover, the charging time for the battery is 120 minutes.

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